Part 1: Essence and Benny

I still remember the first time I met Benny. I swear i should have kept the same energy I had when I first laid eyes on him and left his ass there in that club. My girls and I had decided to have a night on the town since we all had been grinding super hard in our own ways and had the stuff to celebrate. We ended up in a reggae club laughing, drinking, dancing and enjoying ourselves. We were the center of the attention but with the bad bitches that we were, we were used to all eyes being on us. I noticed some dudes at another VIP table watching us. As Ky-Mani Marley - Best Thing came on me and the girls left the dance floor and headed back to our VIP table to enjoy another round of shots and order more drinks.
As we tossed back our shots the five men I had noticed watching us on the dance floor appeared at our table. I looked at them in disgust each dude standing in front of us seemed like some street thug that was beneath me and my girls. But it seemed like I was the only one that thought that. because of course, with as classy as my friends were they were still turned on by dudes like this so they were all over them like a bunch of fools.
Benny must have been the head because he did all the talking. “Good evening ladies I and my boys have been watching Y'all enjoy your sleeves tonight and we were wondering if we can buy you a few drinks and join you?” he asked. “No,” I said quickly. But all my homegirls screamed out yes and I looked at them like they had 5 heads each. Shavon nudged me. “Essence stops damn,” she said. “No Y'all need to stop being thirsty we don't need them buying us no drink we good. We got money. We buy bottles around here if you haven’t noticed. We are some bad bitches: stylist, real estate agents, makeup artist, chefs and boutique owners. Aint shit at that bar that you can buy us that we can’t buy our sleeves. We don't need it, we are good.” I said looking at Benny and then back at her.
She rolled her eyes. “It's not always about needing someone or this whole independent woman thing you got going on. This is purely wanting to feel like a woman and letting a man spoil you a little.” she told me. I rolled my eyes. “Listen, we aren’t trying to do anything harmful, we just wanted to buy you beautiful women a few drinks, bottles, whatever that is all,” Benny said. “Sure and you guys can stay to enjoy them with us,” Shavon said, cheesing from ear to ear as she looked one of Benny boys up and down.
Benny and his boys ordered the bottles and then pulled up chairs to our table. I was annoyed but I could see my girls were enjoying them self and had paired off with Benny’s boys. It seemed like I and Benny were the only ones that weren’t hitting it off and honestly I didn't care. I was trying to ignore him by any means necessary. I had already been with guys like him and I had come too far to go backwards.
But after a few awkward moments of silence Benny extended his hand and said I’m Benjamen but everyone calls me Benny.” I looked at him up and down and then at his hand. His skin was golden brown color he had a full beard, and I wasn’t sure if he had muscles under that sweat suite or if he was chunky but it was clear he was well over 200 pounds. He had on an all-black Adidas sweat suit with matching sneakers and he had a real crisp edge up with some individual braids but his hair texture clearly showed he wasn’t fully black. He was far from my type but I still shook his hand and said “Essence” with an attitude.
“So Essence what brought you ladies out tonight seems like you're celebrating something,” he said, trying to make small talk. “We are. I just opened a new store which makes 3 for me and all 3 have been doing very well. Shavon just dropped her hairline and products that are doing amazing. Jada is a real estate agent. She sold all of us our homes on top of some big name celebrities. Tamica opened a beauty bar where she does celebrities' makeup. Aneshia has been the head chef at her previous job for years and now she’s opening her own restaurant.” I told him. “That's dope a group full of bosses.” he said “yeah hints of why I feel like you and your boys don't fit with us, ”I told him.
“Damn that's harsh,” Benny said with a little laugh. “What? I’m just saying, ”I said to him. “You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; my boy Norman over there has a book that has been sitting on the NY times best seller for months now. John is one of the top salesman at the Ferrari dealership he’s handled all the A-lister that come through there. Mark owns a chain of barber shops. Nate is a professor. So see it's not just you and your girls at this table that is moving like bosses, some of us are just a little bit more humble about it. There are tons of white bosses that don’t look like it but they still get the respect.” Benny said.
It was the first time I ever felt like a man had put me in my place. and it had me turned on. I was completely looking at him and his friends, totally different now. And felt stupid for judging them. “So what about you?” I asked in a nicer tone. “What about me?” he said back. “Well you told me about your boys but you said nothing about yourself, you are still being humble” I said. “I own this club your sitting in and a few other ones. They are doing very well, might I say,” he told me. I was shocked. It had been years since I was sexually active with a man and months since I felt anything down under. And at this very moment it was like my woman box was alive again. I dropped the attitude “ I’m sorry” I said to him. “For what?” he said looking at me confused. “I shouldn’t have judged based on what I saw in front of me. Can we have a re-do” i said to him trying to seem really sexy. He laughed “sure why not.”
The night went on and it was filled with laughter and dancing. And I had to admit I was enjoying Benny company. When the night ended i didn’t want to say goodbye so i gave Benny my card and told him to hit me up. I wasn’t even down the street when he texted me. I figure since he was interested I would invite him over to my place for coffee at my house.
When we got there I put the coffee on as Benny looked at all the pictures and artwork I had on my walls. “Benny I’m going to go to the back and change clothes,'' I said to him. “Okay I’ll be here,” he said smiling. I ran to my room and ripped everything off and hunted for a sexy nightgown to throw on. When I finally found one I slid it on and then fixed my hair and changed my lipstick to lip gloss. And made my entrance back to the living room. I stood in a sexy pose as I said. “So how do you like your coffee?” Benny took a sip and then turned and looked me up and down. He put his coffee down and licked his lips. “Shit, fuck that coffee I think I see something better in front of me. what are you, 3 creams and 2 sugars.” I blushed at his corny statement. We sat on the couch just talking and vibing.
Until I decided to go for what I wanted. I started to rub on Benny's legs every time he said something funny making my way up to his penis. Eventually the talking stopped and Benny got the hint. Everything after that was like a movie. Benny took off my red silk nightgown and started to kiss and suck on my nipples. He stood up and laid me on the couch and Before I knew it we were having sex in my living room. my body was enjoying the feeling of a man's touch.And I wasn’t even worried about how much my girls would judge me if they knew I was letting Benny hit it already.
When we were done Benny and I were laying on my living room floor breathing heavy. “Damn girl,” Benny said to me smiling. “What did I do wrong?” I asked nervously? “No that shit was amazing,” he told me. I laughed in my head, that's what happens when you've been backed up. “So now what?” I asked him. “What you mean?” he said. “Was this a one night stand? Are we going to do this another?” I asked him. “Sex? Hell yeah we doing this again, we can have sex whenever you want if it will be like this every time.” Benny said. I laid there in silence smiling at the ceiling. “So is that all you want just sex nothing more?” Benny asked. “What else could I possibly want?” i said to him. “Here comes Ms. Independent creeping back up?” Benny said. “No it's nothing like that. I just have a lot on my plate and I’ve done the relationship thing before right now all I want to do is enjoy life with no strings attached, and get my rocks off ” i said as I rolled over and laid my head on his chest. “Okay so but don't be catching feelings for a nigga down the road,” he said and then laughed.

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