Part 1: Dr. Laura Jackson, Dracy, and Kiona

“Happy Valentine's day, baby! No, no, no that sounds to white girlish… Happy Valentines day baby… Now I sound like a phone sex operator…. Okay relax breath Laura you know him in and out… Happy Valentine's day bae,” I said with a smile on my face, finally feeling like I got it right as I looked at myself in the mirror. While also practicing how I was going to greet Darcy once I laid my eyes on him. From the way I was practicing, you would think I was a sixteen-year-old high school girl instead of a grown woman approaching thirty with a master’s degree in psychology.
I had spent hours getting my hair, nails, and makeup just right for bae. Now here I was, giving myself a look over for the 100th time before heading out to Darcy’s house. Tonight had to be perfect. I had only been in this new city for a little under two years after moving from my hometown to leave the drama. When I moved here, I never thought love would find me here in a million years. I had honestly given up on love after everything I left behind. But this love was something I couldn’t pass up. Especially not a love that fits everything on my list: he was handsome, he was financially stable, not afraid of a well-educated woman, has a fantastic personality, and the list goes on. But I did, and I couldn’t be happier.
Darcy was 6’2, tattooed, chocolate brown brotha with these eyes that made my panties wet every time we were together. We had been an item for almost a year now, and this was our first valentine’s day together, and I had so many surprises up my sleeves for him. But I had to admit I was super nervous. I just wanted everything to be perfect.
Darcy was fine, and I was very aware that a man like him could have any woman he set his eyes on, so I made it my business to stay on my shit for him. I wanted him to know at all times without a question that no other chick could stand next to me, above or in front of me. So I kept my almond brown skin smooth at all times. My 140-pound figure is in shape with a fat ass and perky breast. And made sure everything I noticed Darcy liked I changed to that for him. Because I was in love and I never wanted to think of losing it.
I looked at the clock and realized that it was going on eight p.m, so I checked my bag to make sure I had everything I needed: red lace lingerie gown, massage oils, condoms, handcuffs, and more if this was going to be the first time Darcy and I made love I wanted to be fully equipped even if we didn’t use it. Before I walked out of the house, I took my meds and then stuffed my gun in my bag. I knew I wouldn’t have to use it, but I wanted to be safe.
I got in my car and took the twenty-minute drive to his house. Giving myself a pep talk that didn’t stop until I was at his front door. I looked around to check my surroundings. Then I lifted the plant next to the door, got the extra key he kept stashed under there, and let myself in. I stepped in quickly, and the alarm was going off. I took the code that he had given me in confidence when he told me that every code in life was the same; the day his mother died. I turned the alarm off and then back on for my safety since I was here alone for now, and then I headed up the stairs.
With every step I took through the house, admiring the home and its decor. You didn’t see too many black men who didn’t have a college degree or play pro sports live in a lovely house like this in the suburbs. I climbed the stairs and located the master bedroom. I got to the bedroom, dropped my bag on the floor, and laid across the king-size bed. “Here is where I belong.” I said to myself. I got up and looked around the room. Taking in the cologne that he had lined up on his dresser and the neatness of the master bathroom, and the pictures of him. I headed over to the closet. I opened the double doors and stepped into the neatly organized closet that was breathtaking. I stepped in and laid my face on his clothes with my eyes closed and took in the aroma of him left on them.
As I opened my eyes and turned my head to the right, the reminder I hated appeared. The sight of his wife’s clothes made my skin crawl because it reminded me that I didn’t have Darcy all to myself yet. As I looked at her clothes, the sight of this black lance lingerie caught my attitude. It was way sexier than the nightgown I had brought, and the absence of the tag let me know she had already worn it before.
I snatched the lingerie off the hanger and held it up to me as I looked at myself in the mirror. “He’ll Love me in this.” I said to myself. I went to the bathroom. I changed into the outfit, sprayed some perfume and crawled into bed peacefully, and waited.
I had already turned off all the lights and had the house in the same state that it was in when I entered. I heard the alarm go off and then the sound of Darcy disabling it. I heard him climb the stairs. “What a long day,” I heard him say as he exhaled.
I could hear Darcy’s clothes hitting the floor in the dark as I laid in bed with my back to him and nothing but my hair peeking from under the covers. It wasn’t until he pulled the covers back that he even noticed I was there. “Baby, you made it home from your work trip. I’m so happy to see you.” he said as he crawled in bed, and I felt his body pressing against mine and smelled the alcohol on his breath. “I missed you so much,” he whispered in my ear, sending a chill down my body.
I said nothing. “Come here.” he said to me. As he pulled the panties of my lingerie down from behind. Then he reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. The feeling of his hand on my body was heavenly. I wanted these moments forever.
It took little to get me excited because I had been waiting for this very moment. “Close your eyes,” I finally said real soft. “Why?” he asked. “A valentine’s day surprise.” I answered him in the same tone still. Darcy laid back and closed his eyes. I leaned over the edge of the bed; I went into my bag, pushed my gun to the side, and pulled out a blindfold. I sat up in the bed and wrapped it around Darcy’s eyes.
“This is new and kinky bae I see you taking in the things I’m saying in therapy.” Darcy said with a big smile on his face. I said nothing but kiss all over his body and made my way down to his dick. I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw it. I licked his rod like it was a peppermint stick before I took as much of it as I could into my mouth. I gave him full sound effects to make up because he couldn’t see me.
The thought that I was pleasing him was completely getting me off without even being touched. I sucked and sucked. Making sure I did everything he told me his wife didn’t do. Which was simply sucking the dick as she loved it. My mouth and tongue touched everything from his dick to his balls. Hell, I loved him so much that if he wanted his ass licked, I probably would have done that. Once I got Darcy to let go of that first nut. I made my way back up his body and took a seat on that bearded mouth of his. I held on to the headboard as Darcy explored my pussy like he had been there before.
And it wasn’t long before my cum added some extra moisture to his bread. I got off his face, and without missing a beat, I slid in his dick right inside and rode him like I had been riding horses all my life. “Damn baby, you must have really missed me; you trying many new shit tonight and I love it,” Darcy moaned. I smiled to myself because I knew that the only thing his wife did was missionary sex that ended in ten minutes. Darcy had complained multiple times. “Mmmhm,” I said back as I grind my hips. Darcy thrust from underneath me, which added pleasure I couldn’t describe to the moment. All I could do was place my hand on his neck to keep my balance and be able to handle what he was giving. When he stopped and tried to get his breath from cuming again. I spun around in the reverse cowgirl position without the dick never coming out and went back to giving Darcy this work.
I waited a few moments for his dick to stop the jumping motion it did when he was cuming, and then I went back to work. I put Darcy’s hands on my ass and made sure he grabbed a handful, and when his hands weren’t full of my ass, he was slapping my ass, and I loved it. I squeezed my pussy right tight on his dick. And held on to his legs as I bounced up and down on the dick. Causing him to lose it and scream out. “Damn baby, this pussy is good as hell tonight. I love you” when his dick jumped again, I finally let go and came with him.
I climbed off and laid back beside him again, with my back facing him. I felt as Darcy took off the blindfold and then cuddled under me, breathing heavy. “Three in one night bae that new. I am loving the effort that you are putting in tonight to show you hear me in therapy.” Darcy said. I was hearing him in therapy alright. I could let this woman keep taking the love of my life for granted. It was only a matter of time now before he would be entirely mine, and she would be a thought in our past.
He wrapped his arm around me, and soon he was asleep and snoring loudly in my ear. I eased out of bed and grabbed my things. “See you tomorrow in therapy,” I whispered at the door as I looked at him as he slept peacefully before I exited. I got downstairs to the front door and put my coat on. Then I heard the door unlock. I slid into a nearby closet. I peeked out and watched Kiona enter the home and disarm the alarm. The sight of her made me sick. Once she was up the stairs, I stepped out of the closet and stood at the bottom of the stairs. The idea of her getting into bed with my man had me pissed. I grabbed my gun from my bag and took a step up the stairs. And then I stopped. “No Lauran, her time here is coming to a head and then him and all this will be all yours.” I whispered to myself. And then quietly left the house. It was until I was in my car I had parked around the block that I finally exhaled and said, “that some dick I can’t lose out on.”

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