Part 1: Diamond, Dominique and Julian

After twenty-six years I was finally blossoming into the flower my grandma always told me I would be. I could finally see the beauty she said I had and all the wonderful things she told me when I was growing up and the other girls would tease and pick on me. Because where I was from being the fat, the black girl wasn't a bonus or just a struggle; it felt like a death sentence. There were days I rather died and joined my mom and dad than go to school.
Back then I honestly believed I was going to die alone that no one loved or would ever love me. by twenty one I had become completely okay with that and who I was. But look at me now a solid 266 pounds and I stole the room from them, skinny bitches when I walked through. While they were trying to show off fake asses and titties they had paid for, mine was real and all natural. In other words, I was a big girl and I was winning.
As I laid next to this sexy, chocolate, six foot one man and rubbed my hand across his six pack and admiring each of his tattoos I knew was extra of a new milestone. I had been sleeping with Julian for years; he adored me, the whole me: my body and everything we had together. He was not afraid to get between these thighs and either stroke like his life depended on it or dine in on this full course meal.
Even outside of the way he made me feel sexual he made me feel like such a fuckin lady taking me out on dates on the town. Winning, dining, pampering and showing me off. When I thought life with him couldn’t get any better, every so often I would get to wake up in beautiful hotel rooms in cities I never imagine.
As I laid in bed staring at Julian and thinking how far I had come from being the insecure, fat, dark skin woman I was. Julian's phone started to ring I tapped him. “Ju your phone ringing,” I told him. He rolled over towards me. “ so what let it ring. Come here.” He said pulling me closer. I giggled in a flirty way as Julian buried his face under the covers and sucked on my breast.
Lord, it felt good. I had only lost my virginity three years so and it was to Julian. So he knew how to make my body call out to him. I rested my hand on the back of his head as if he was breastfeeding, while he licked each nipple and then sucked on them again and again. Sometimes pushing them both together to get both in his mom at once. As I started to moan and zone out his phone started to ring again. “Honey your phone.” I moaned.
Julian pulled the covers from over his head “so what, damn Diamond focus.” Then he pulled the covers back over his head. I looked over at the clock. “But Ju it's 10 am it could be your kids or work,” I told him. Julian reached up and put his fingers in my mouth signaling for me to suck on them. So I shut up and did just that.
Once I got Julian's fingers all wet he took that hand and slid it between my thighs and massaged my clit. My pussy lips were just as thick as me so Julian separated them with his pointer finger and ring finger while rubbing with his middle finger. I moved my hips and body trying to control myself. Julian moved his finger and placed his tongue on my clit. I let out a moan. once Julian was done feasting he came back up and kissed me. once he was in the right spot he slid in the penis in me. Years of having sex with this man and when he entered me I still gasped for air.
we made music together, the sounds of our moans combined with the temple of our bodies connecting were heavenly. Julian could go forever. which I loved. he could flip me and pull me with no struggle when I laid on my back he could hold both my ankle in one hand while stroking. he always made sure I came at least twice before he came once. I normally hold my first one and he would know and start pound on my pussy telling me to let it go.
the second one would come when he was hitting it from the back. he would tell me down. and when I got in a perfect position he would press his hand on my lower back and stroke. I didn’t know much about sex or if everyman knew about this spot but when Julian hit it from the back there was this spot he hit that made it impossible for me to try to hold my nut.
julian and I went for about an hour before we both gave out and laid across the bed breathing heavily. I laid there for a second and then got up. “Damn boy!” I said as I looked at my hair in the mirror. “you liked it” he said with a smirk as I straightened my hair. I went into the bathroom to pee. while in there I heard Julian's phone ring again. this time he answered but with an attitude. “what the fuck do you want? why do you keep calling me?” he said before being silent for a while. “man cut the shit you don't care where I am as long as I keep your bank account with enough money in it to spend like you actually work your happy. remember your with me for the money now get off my phone gold digger and stop calling me.” he said and then I heard what sounded like Julian phone hitting the nightstand.
I came out the bathroom and asked “was that wifey?” as I laughed. The fact that Julian was married was no surprise to me and none of my business. “diamond you know we don’t have this conversation about wife my wife or kids so change it.” Julian said still laying in the bed. “damn relax I was just kidding with you. you know I honestly don’t care. all I want is some food when I get out this shower.” I said while grabbing my bag to take back to the bathroom with me. Julian smirked “okay baby I got you.
I got in the shower, when I got out I heard a knock at the door, I rushed to get dress thinking it was housekeeping with the food. I heard Julian open the door and I heard the sound of an angry woman's voice. “really Julian you telling me you out of town on business and you right here in the same city still.” she said. “man go ahead and get out of here.” he said calmly. “why? why you want me to leave? you got some bitch up in here with you. you cheating on me. Really? Me. you really want to throw all this away? do you know how many men would die to have me.” she yelled. “Domonique gets your ass out of here we not doing this dumb shit,” he yelled at her. I stood in the bathroom laughing. “oh we not doing the dumb shit but your dumb ass paid for this room with our joint bank account. so you asked for this dumb shit.” she yells. “Dominique joint account or not it's my money ALL OF IT be happy I give you access to it. Now go home,” he told her.
“Nah tell that bitch to show herself, where she hiding,” she said as she pushed passed Julian opening the closets. Julian yelled again “go home.” no,” she said slamming the closet door. I stepped out the bathroom smirking ”hey Domonique” the sound of my voice made her spin around quickly ‘you fat bitch” she said when she locked eyes with me. ‘aww, little sister after all these years that still haven’t come up with anything else to call me besides a fat bitch. we aren’t teenagers anymore you do know that right? this is not high school and you aren’t standing around with you skinny friends teasing me. I'm a fat bitch I’ve learned to live with that and own it. but this fat bitch got your man, had your man, and not that you know you can have him back.” I said laughing as I walked up to her.
“Diamond how could you do this to me, we are blood sisters?” Domonique cried out. I laughed as I grabbed my purse and jacket. “Domonique we haven’t been real sisters for a long time. in the fat bitch and you're the skinny one that teases and hurt me the most. but now we are even.” I said to her as I walked towards the door. Julian grabbed my arm as I approached the door. “what about us?” he said as he stared into my eyes. I placed my hand on his cheek. “There was never us just really good sex and a point to prove,”I said to him and then exited the hotel room.


  • Awesome short read… 👍

    Rosie Perez
  • I loved it . The ending was crazy !!

  • I’m hooked


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