Part 1: Devlin and Samya

“That's it Samya, if you are not gonna leave this nigga and be with me don't call me no more. I'm tired of this friend zone bull shit.” I said as I sat in my car while sitting outside of Samya house. I had been crushing on Samya for months. I was there whenever she needed me. I showed her I was a real nigga and it seemed like it was all for nothing because I was still in the friend zone. I was tired of the shit I was tired of being Superman who didn’t want to be my lady. I got ready to get out of the car to go inside, and my phone started to ring.

“Yo,” I answered, “Dev where you at?” Erin's voice came through asking. “About to walk into Mya house,” I answered. “Ugh,” she said. “What's all that for?” I asked. “Because it's always Samya: Samya this, Samya that. you act like she the only person that matters.” She said “Erin doesn't start. What's up? You need something.” I said not in the mood to hear her shit. “Nothing, never mind run to Samya like you always do,” Erin said. “Man Erin I gotta go,” I said. “Yup I bet you do,” Erin said before hanging up. I wasn't sure what had got into Erin. We were best friends had been rocking out for years, but lately, she had been on some new shit.

A few months back we had had sex and ever since then she had been acting crazy.  I mean there was nothing between Erin and me, she brought up us having sex, I had never thought of having sex with her. It wasn’t that she was ugly because she was far from it. I didn’t see her in that way.

I kind of wish I had never crossed that line with her. When putting the offer out there, she said she had just needed some dick without feelings connected, so we agreed. Which I understood. By that time her boyfriend had been locked up for three years, and she was doing everything to hold him down, and she wasn’t fucking anyone. Shit, when I put my dick inside of her, it felt like I was fucking a virgin she was so tight.

I thought nothing of it though. I figure pussy with no string attached what nigga would turn that down. Especially when the chick was thick as grits and had a smile that brightens up any room. But now I regret doing it. Even though it was only once. I sat in my car thinking if I should call Erin back and then I figured I would handle her later. Right now I needed to see what was up with Samya. She had called me crying, so I needed to see about her.

I knew it had something to do with her and her bitch ass boyfriend Tyree.  That nigga was always fucking up, and Samya was always giving him a chance after chance to prove he was going to do better, but he didn’t. I was wondering if this was an argument about him being in the club last night because I seen him when I was out at liquid and Samya wasn’t there. She was texting me saying she was at home bored. I offered to leave the club and come to kick it with her, but she said she was waiting on Tyree and that he should be there any minute. I could've told her I was looking at the nigga in the club with me, but I was never the type of nigga to throw salt on another to get the girl. That just wasn’t my style.

I got to Samya door and knocked. “Who is it?” I heard Samya said. “mya it's me,” I said. She opened the, and the first thing I saw was her swollen eye and busted lip. I rushed inside and grabbed her, “Mya I know this bitch ass nigga ain't in here beating on you.” I said. “Nah Devlin I fell,” she said. “Mya, do I look stupid? Stop fucking playing with me man.” I said. “No for real I fell its not that bad nothing make up can’t cover.” She said. “That's some bullshit tell me what the fuck happen right now Samya,” I yelled. She sat down on the couch and put her head down. “Its all my fault” she started crying. “That's not telling me what the fuck happen Mya. Tell me or ima call my niggas, and we are going to find this nigga. and when we find him, it's not going to be a pretty picture.” I said. She took a deep breath “ when I got up this morning he was out here on the couch sleeping. I was pissed because he had been out all night after promising to spend last night with me. I stood her for a little while just looking at him. Then I notice the nigga phone was going on in his pants pocket that was on the floor. So I took it upon myself to go thru his phone.” She said.

I took a seat on the couch next to her. “what the fuck does this have to do with this nigga not having the ability to keep his hands to his self. Bitches go through niggas phone every day he not the first nigga and won't be the last.” I said just being real because even I had got caught up before with a female going through my phone. The shit, but it was never that real to hit a female. You faced you, and you went on with life. “I found crazy stuff on him his phone Dev. I mean stuff that had me feeling stupid and pissed off that he was doing all this stuff right under my nose. I eventually got so mad that I threw the phone at him and woke him up. The phone hit him in his face, and he jumped up. He thought I had physically hit him and as much as I told him I didn’t, he wasn’t trying to hear it and he hit me. I tried to fight back but he was too strong.” she explained to me.

“That nigga is a bitch!” I said mad as hell. “no it was my fault I shouldn’t have gone through his phone.” she said trying to cover for the nigga. “Man fuck that everything has a cause and effect. Had that nigga not been doing what he was doing when you went through his phone you wouldn’t have found anything. But for him to hit you is not cool that some bitch shit. A real nigga is not going to hit any female. They are going to leave before it even gets to that point. Man where the nigga at?” I said to her as I stood up.

“dev calm down I didn’t call you over here for you to get all worked up I just need someone here with me at a time like this,” she said. ‘Samya I don't want to hear it where is that nigga at?” I said to her. “I don't know. I don’t know. After everything he stormed out. I don't want you to get involved don’t worry about it I will be okay.” she said to me. “No fuck that I ain't about to go find him. any nigga that hit a female is scared to hit a man.” I said. “Devlin it's not that big of a deal believe me I have to deal with the consequence for what I did.” she said. “no, hell no. This nigga only doing this shit because he got you out here by yourself anyway from your family and he thinks there no one that will stand up for you. That not going to happen while I’m here. this nigga is going to know this shit can have him in a body bag.” I said to her. Then the apartment door opened.

“Yo Samya” Tyree said as he walked  in with gifts in his hand. then he stopped when he saw me. “What the fuck is this nigga doing here Samya?” he asked. “Nigga I’m about to beat ya ass since you think its cool to hit women,” I said pulling up my pants. “Samya so you went crying to this nigga about what happens in our home. I was coming back to, and you got this nigga in here trying to be tough,” he said. “Nigga I ain't trying to be shit that you. trying to show you.” I said. Samya came and stood between the two of us. “can Y'all stop please.” she yelled.

“No fuck that Samya this nigga beat ya ass and if you take him back he is going to do it again and again because he will know all he has to do is say sorry and the shit will be okay,” I said. “Nigga that none of your fucking business. Samya is my girl. She doesn’t want you. with all the shit you do for her, she still with me.” Tyree said. I looked at Samya with disbelief that I had been topic of discussion for them. “Yeah, my nigga she tells me everything. She still with me because I’m a real nigga and you a bitch,” he said. I didn't say anything at all, I pushed Samya out the way, and I punched Tyree. He stumbled  and dropped what was in his hand; when he stood back up, he pulled a gun from the back of his pants.”

Samya was crying. “see I told you tough enough to hit a woman but not to fight a man.” I said looking at Samya. “Stop just stop,” she said waving her arms around. “Samya if you love me you’d make this nigga leave, and we can work this shit out,” Tyree said still point the gun at me. Samya look at me. “really?” I said to her. “Please Delvin just go it doesn’t have to get any worse.” she said to me. “yeah nigga go so my girl, and I can get on with our lives,” Tyree said lowering his gun. I starred at Samya as the tears ran down her face. “Please Delvin!” she said again. “Fine,” I said as I walked towards the door. Tyree smiled and walked towards where Samya was standing to give me a straight path to the door. I got to the door and put my hand on the door knob, and with my back facing them I said. “when he does it the next time and damn near kills you. Don’t call me.” then I called out the door.

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