Part 1 Dawn and Micha

Dawn baby” Micha yelled through my nail salon as I sat in the office. “In the back baby.” I answered. “Yo this shit is nice in here.” He said when he got to the office. “Thanks after the grant opening tomorrow it will be no more double life for us.” I told him. Micha sat down and looked at me confused “what you talking about?” He asked.
“After tomorrow we going legit bae. No more drug money.” I told him. “What.” he said loudly. “Bae we have everything we need now. You got the car detailing spot, I got my nail salon, it’s time to get out while we can.” I told him. “Why would we do that?” He asked “because we will be good. You don’t make nothing less then $150 for every car you detail and these bitches pay out the ass but nails and we both know I’m a beast with this nail shit.” I told him.
“Yeah but what about when business gets slow.” He said to me. “I got enough stashed away to hold us over.” I said, “to me it makes more sense to keep doing the drug shit no one suspects it and use these businesses to clean the money.” He said. “We are not doing that. I already told Russel that after this pack we are done. “ I told him. “Yeah okay, I got to go. I’ll be back later to get you.” Micha said as he stood up to walk out.
I knew he was mad but he’d get over it. I was thinking about what was best for us, Micha was only thinking about the money. I wasn’t trying to be like Tasha and Ghost on power forever tied to this lifestyle I see the exit and I was taking it. Micha would eventually come to grips with that. I had already lost enough dude to this lifestyle it was time to move on,
My momma always told me my ways and my anger was going to get me into some shit that my mouth wasn’t going to be able to get me out of. Back then I always thought she was talking about fights (which i got into a lot of) or the ass whooping she gave me (which I also got a lot of) But when I chose fast money over the lifestyle she wanted for me. That when she told me I was really going to see what she meant. And more and more I can feel that moment coming.
But shit I couldn’t lie my life was good despite what she thought. I had my man and Micha was sexy as hell. He was 6’1 light skin, great build with no tattoos, or piercing. Me on the other hand I was about three shades darker than him with B cup breast but a fat ass that you could set a drink on. (and yes we have tested it) and a flat ass stomach.
We had been together for five years. And through our ups and downs, we stuck together. Even when Micha found out I was dealing drugs he didn’t leave me but instead helped me get smart about how I did it. If it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t even be standing in my own nail salon right now.
The day went on and I did some of my V.I.P clients that had been rocking with me since day 1 and interviewed two other possible nail techs to hire. It felt so different to be hiring someone instead of taking orders from someone.
I was in the office again when I heard Micha come in. “Bae,” he said “in the back” I answered. I heard him walk in and I stood up from behind my desk. “What you doing?” He asked “putting the money in the safe,” I told him. “What money?” He asked. “The money for everything for the grand opening tomorrow and the money to pay Russlle. Like I told you before.” I answered.
As we talked I heard the ding from the front door. “Did you lock the door when you came in? I asked “no because it wasn’t locked when I walked in. Where are your cameras? “ they get set up tomorrow before the opening.” I said. As we bickered back and forth my office door opened further and I gun enter the room before the body that was carrying it.
Micha's hands went up and followed him. “Where’s the money?” The gunmen asked. “There’s no money here?” Micha answered. “Bull shit. Nice ass place like this got money some where in here now where’s the safe.” As the word safe rolled off his tongue I realized that when Micha walked in I never closed or locked the safe under my desk. Fuck, is all I could think to myself, as I looked around. “Stop moving,” the gunman said to me. “It’s hard when someone pointing a gun at me.” I said
From the corner of my eye, I saw Micha gun tucked in the back of his pants. I sided eyed him. Why hadn’t he pulled his gun yet? This shit could have been over. But then I realized Micha was a church boy at heart I made him a thug. Him carrying was my idea
As the gunman moved towards my desk I reached behind Micha and pulled his gun. As he spotted the safe I pointed my gun and safes. “Jackpot,” he said cHeerfully “you got 5 seconds to get your ass out out my shop. Or it’s gonna be a shot out. I said trying to sound tough knowing I was scared. “Bitch.” The gunman said and I let one off close to his head for him to feel the air breeze past him. “Yo man so I see who’s the man in this relationship.” The gunman asked. Micha's scary-ass stood there silent. “I’m a count to 5,” I said. “Bitch you can count but I’m still getting this money” I let off another near his head again. “Next one I won’t miss and this bitch going to be calling in homicide now get your ass out my shop because I know that gun. For show and don’t get any bullets in it seeing I shot at you twice and you haven’t shot once.” I said.
He looked down at the safe and I clicked the gun to let him know I wasn’t playing. The gunman looked at me as he backed up from my desk. “I’m a leave but I’ll be back,”

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