Part 1: Dave, Rico, and Jayden

I never thought I could hate my brothers the way I do. I mean these way my niggas we went from diapers to men together. I had starved with these niggas, learned the game with these niggas and when we got on these was the niggas I ate with. we all were all we had. from different mothers but the struggle and going through that hunger together made us family. “inmate its lights out.” the guard said as he walked past my cell and I sat on my bunk think how the fuck I got here. Seems like I remember like it was yesterday how this shit all unfolded.

   Dave, Jayden and I were kicking it like we normally did. we were counting our money and having a few drinks. we were young niggas in the game but for years now we had been doing this shit with ease, no police, no fuck ups no nothing. Even the OGs in the hood had respect for us. they called us the three pretty niggas and couldn’t understand how we were making this shit seem so easy with no issues. it was pretty simple we stayed humble and in our lane. we weren’t trying to take no one's territory or step on anyone's toes; that made a lot of niggas have respect for us. not to mention Jayden had used some of his money to open a barber shop, a laundry mat, and a soul food restaurant. while Dave was taking his money and putting his self through law school.

   But as good as thing was I couldn’t deny that I felt like my brother was changing on me. “yo I need to talk to ya about some real shit.” Dave said as we sat at the table and he took a sip of his drink. “what's on your mind broty?” I asked him. “ I think I might be getting out the game soon,” Dave said. “Nigga you sound crazy,” I said to him. “No lie I have been thinking the same thing.” Jayden said “what the fuck is wrong with y'all we living the best life right now. we getting money, bitches… man life is good, why would Y'all want to change that shit.” I said

   “Rico man this shit was never the final plan for my life. I’m trying to be a lawyer, selling drugs just made that shit a possibility because coming from where we come from it was either no school or go into debt trying to make a better future for myself. Now I  got more than enough money to finish school so I'm good. I want out before people start to figure out what we really got going on.” Dave said to me. “Nigga why not be a lawyer and still get this bread?” I said to him. Dave started laughing “nigga when have you ever heard of a drug-dealing lawyer.” Dave said.

   to me there was nothing wrong with how we were living and for Dave to be a lawyer and keep up what we had going on. at least then if we did get caught up in some shit we had someone to get us out of it. “bruh that's the whole point no one would ever think a damn lawyer was a drug dealer it would be the perfect cover.” I said. “Ric I’m not looking for a cover.” Dave said. “yo your really crazy, but I’m with Dave it's time to get out while we are ahead. No feds are on us nothing let's take our luck and move on before it runs out on how asses.” Jayden said. “you niggas not thinking what about the family.” I said “Nigga that's exactly what I’m thinking about I got a damn baby on the way that I need to be around to raise. My businesses are doing good and bringing in money. I can give my dope boy lifestyle up to be a businessman and a father.” Jayden said. “you niggas is tripping I’m not getting out the game and neither are y'all because Y'all made a pack that as long as one of us was in this lifestyle we all were.” I said.

   “Ric you can’t hold us to something we said when we were young and dumb. we agreed to that shit when we thought we didn’t have shit to live for but the money.” Dave said. “so we get out the game and then what about me what the fuck am I supposed to do? this shit… drugs… this is all I know. this shit keeps a roof over me, momma and my kids heads; so how am I supposed to survive and provide if I don't sell drugs no more.” I said to them. “bro comes work at the barber shop with me.” Jayden said.

   I looked at that nigga like he had just lost his damn mind. “so I'm supposed to go from being a boss to being your employee what the fuck do I look like.”  I said. Then what are you interested in? we got to start thinking different; fast money can’t be how we live forever.” Dave said “are you not hearing me, my nigga? this is all I know this is all I am interested in and I’m not about to go back to being a little nigga now because you niggas are deciding to switch on me. y'all my brothers right?” I said getting loud and angry to the point where I wanted to slip the table over. “You know we are your brother blood couldn’t make us any closer.” Jayden said, “then ride with me.” I said, “Bro I can’t agree to do this with you for the rest of my life.” Dave said. “yeah bro same here I can’t promise you that either.’ Jayden said.

   “so Y'all telling me that this is it Y'all are going to throw away our friendship and brotherhood.” I said. “no one said that dumb shit but you. us wanting out has nothing to do with the brotherhood. we are brother no matter what road we all decide to go back.” Jayden said “it does because Y'all know the connect know all three of us, not just me. so y'all leaving me is fucking me over.” I said. “man I ain't know your ass was going to take it like this.” Dave said. “well I am yall talking money out my pocket this is how I handle my responsibility as a man.” I said.

   Dave took a deep breath and said “Listen I’m out the game period I can’t change my mind about that but because we family I will still show up to the meeting and stuff with the connect. But this shit is all you. you control it all” Dave said. “cool no problem I respect that that's real brother shit. I can handle this shi on my own. Jayden can you agree to do the same thing bro? Just show up to the meeting, you don’t have to do nothing else.” I said.

   Jayden sat at that table quietly. “so it takes you that long to decide if you going to take food out my kids mouth or not?” I asked. “Bro I can’t do it I will not agree to it. Dave and I showing up to those meeting mean we still attached to this lifestyle and if you fuck up that's all of our asses.” Jayden said. “that's fucking crazy so you have no faith in me that I can do this shit on my own?” I asked. “that's not what I am saying because I know your a get money niggas so you going to make sure shit stay a float to the best of your ability but I also know that when it's just one person controlling everything in a business like this it's easy to fuck up. we have been good for so long because it was three of us and we checked each other. with Dave and me out the way there's no one here to do that.” Jayden said.

My anger got the best of me and I grabbed my gun off the table. “nigga either you can be a silent partner in this shit and just be a body in the meeting or you can be a dead body that no one needs.” I said “Rico chill man put that gun down we brothers you know we don’t pull out a damn gun on each other.” Dave said Jayden sat at the table looking at me with a death stare. “that's how we giving it up my nigga? I’m your brother and you pull a gun on me because I was trying to help you? Fuck you Ric” Jayden said to me. “Both yall chill the fuck out,” Dave said.

   The tension in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife and I had never felt more alone then I did at that very moment. “Rico listen you got to respect how Jay feels.” Dave said. “why should I when he don’t give a fuck about me.” I said, “man I want more from you that's what a brother supposed to do.” Jayden said “Fuck you Jay.” i yelled.

   “Ric listen if the connect we been fucking with don’t want to fuck with you then so be it we can find another connect for you. but don’t ruin the brotherhood over this shit.” Dave said. “you'll always be my brother cause you always looked out but fuck Jay we ain’t shit no more ain't no brothers when it comes to me and him.” I said. “shit says no more then nigga get the fuck out my shit then this mutha fucking trap house in my name nigga.” Jayden said, “no problem let's divided this money that in the safes and on the table and I’m all the way good.” I said that night I walked away from a wealthy nigga but brother less in my head. Three weeks later what was suppose to be a regular traffic stop for me speeding turned into me getting arrested. I had no trap house or place I felt comfortable leaving my product so I had it all in my car.

   “inmate you got twenty minutes to use the phone the guard said to me as we approach the phones. I picked up the phone and dialed the first number I could think of. You’ve reached David, unfortunately, I am unable to take your call at this time please leave your name, your number and a brief message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible… beep… “dave its Rico I need you bruh I’m downtown in jail.” I said then hung up. the fuck man I picked up the phone again and dialed another number. you have a collect call from “Remario Peirs” a few moments later a familiar voice came through the phone. “Rico what's going on,” Jay said, “Jay I need your help they got me downtown, Dave not answering I don't have a lawyer I need out of here.” I said, “I knew some shit like this would happen when you were in the game alone.” Jayden said. “Man it's not the time for the I told you so bro I need your help.” I said frustrated. “well I don’t know what to tell you; I have no help to give. I tried to help you avoid this, but you wanted to live this life now you got to deal with what comes with it. I’ll tell Dave you looking for him though peace Rico.” Jayden said before hanging up on me.

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