Part 1: Damon and Janae

Beauty should have been her name. My mom always told me, love, at first sight, was an option, but I didn't know that until I seen Janae. The first time I saw her I admire her from far in a college auditorium. We were only freshmen sitting in orientation, but in my mind, I was playing out our whole future. I just had to have her, and I wasn’t going to let a moment pass that I didn't try to have her. I stared at her; her smooth brown skin, big brown eyes, slime that lite up a room, thick hips and slim waist. She was a sight that my heart leaped for.

   When orientation ends, you would have thought I ran track and field the way I was jumping over people and chairs to get to her. I got close enough and stopped to catch my breath, so I didn't seem crazy when I went up to her. When I got my breath and fixed my clothes, I walked over and introduced myself. She was looking at the board with all the clubs on it, and I tapped her on her shoulder. When she spun around to me, it was like the world pause for a moment. I shook it off and said “Hello, I’m sorry if this may seem odd, but my name is Damon Scott, I notice you when we were sitting in the orientation, and I could let you leave this build without talking to you. That smile appears on her face. She reach out her, and I extended mine. We shock hand, and she said to me. “My name is Janae Miller. It's nice to meet you.” her voice was sweet and like music to my ears.

   “So Janae what are you here majoring in?” I asked her. “ engineering and you?” she said. “I'm here for Engineering too, maybe that means we can study together sometimes,” I said to her hoping I wasn’t moving to fast. “Sure that sounds cool I’m from New York so I don't know anyone here, hints why I’m the only loser looking at the board trying to find a club I can join to make friends,” she said laughing. “Well, now you know me. With that being said I'm heading to the dining hall to get something to eat do you want to join me?” I said to her. “Of course as you can see I’m far from a small girl I’m always down to eat,” she said laughing.

   As the semester went on Janae and I spent tons of time together. You would think that with us having three classes together, a job in the library together and all our study sessions we would be tired of each other. But I couldn’t get enough of her. At first, I was attracted to her beauty but after getting to know her kind heart, and brains made the attraction more than lust. As our first break rolled around Janae informed me that she would be staying at school through break because her parents could afford to come and pick her up and bring her back. I talked to my mom, and she gave me the go-ahead to offer that New York girl the ability to come home with me and see Ohio.

   My man took the 7 hours drove to come to get us from Temple University. When we got back to our house, she cooked us a great meal. From the car ride to the dinner table my mom talked Janae's ear off and even showed her baby pictures of me. Even now I could still hear my mom voice. After dinner, Janae went up to the room my mom had set up for her to talk to her mom on facetime. I stayed downstairs and helped my momma with the dishes. “Damon Janae is a perfect girl.” my mom said to me with a smile on her face as she washed the dishes and I dried them. “I know momma that's why I’m friends with her,” I said to her already knowing where my mom was heading with this situation. “She extremely pretty too and I love that she got some meat on her bones,” she said. “I bet momma,” I said to her. “Then if you know all this why are you just friends with her? I mean I can’t say that you have ever really brought a girl home or to meet me, and up until now, I was happy that you kept the fast tail girls out your face and your head in the books. But now baby you got momma wondering. I mean you can tell me if you don't like girls I will still love you the same.” she said. “Wow, mom that's extreme. I like girls. I like Janae. I really like Janae. But I don't know if the feeling is mutual.” I told her.

   My mom stopped washing dishes and said “ask the girl.” with her hands on her hips. “When? She always so focused on school. And I get it she the eldest out of five kids, and she’s the first to go to college, and she’s there on a scholarship. So she doesn’t want her grades to slip because if they do and she loses her scholarship, she will be back home because her family can’t afford to send her to Temple University. But how do I show someone that's so amazing that it's okay to let her hair done and let me show her how I see her.” I told my momma.

   My mom side eyed me. “Baby it takes nothing to show her you like her, you appreciate her, or that you care about her,” she said. “But how momma? How? There are so many days that I hear her make little slick comments about herself and the way she looks and I just want her to be able to see herself the way I do.” I told my mom. My mom funnily looked at me. “Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked her. “You have always been my baby. But at this very moment, I see you as a man,” she told me. “Mom she just makes me feel a way I never thought any girl could. She knows about my diabetes and when were are at school she stays on me makes sure I eat right, and I take my meds and do everything I need to. We even work out together.” I said to my mom smiling from ear to ear.

   “Son let me tell you what I know women like Janae don't come around too often. She is a young black girl with her head on the right. There are other girls her age that is more concern about twerking and being seen then getting their education. Don’t miss out on a good thing being scared make your move son before someone else comes in and makes one. Plus you need to get her because your momma wants her as my daughter in law” she said laughing. I laughed at my mom knowing she was serious in every way. “Okay, momma I will work on it and figure it out,” I told her. “Listen momma going to give you a few dollars so you can take her on a good date,” she said laughing. “Thanks, mom I’m a go upstairs and check on her.

The break ended, and although it was fun, we went back to school and back to our regular schedule. My mom gave me money as she promised and I looked for places to take Janae. I knew she like dancing and eating so she I had to make sure I put something good together. But figuring out where to take wasn’t half as hard as figuring out how to ask her. As we state in the library studying my mind was on everything else but what was in the books in front of me. After starring as Janae and hoping she didn’t catch me I finally decided to say something.

“So Jane”I said. “What's up? What question you need help with now?” she answered.  “This is more of a personal question,” I said to her. “Umm okay… what's up?” she said putting her highlighter down. “Why don’t I ever see you with any guys?” I asked. “I’m always with you what you mean,” she said laughing. “Like I never see you with guys, etc.” I said to her. “Well… no one has ever asked me on a date I figured it's because I’m not what guys think are in right now. I’ve never been first picked, so I pushed dating to the back of my mind and made this degree number one, so I can secure this bag.” she said. It was the most hood thing I ever heard her say, but I couldn’t even laugh because I was more hurt that she thought she was unattractive. “Are you serious? Janae, you are beautiful!” I said to her trying not to get loud.

   She smiled “thanks, but of course, you’d say that because you're my friend. “What if I told you I wanted to be more than friends,” I said to her. Janae smiled “Damon we are more than friends you're my best friend there's nothing I can’t be free with you about. Why would we date and possibly mess that up? She said to me. And my heart crumbled, and I felt like I was being shut down. But just before I could get in my feelings, I could the conversation me, and my mom had in the back of my head. She I tired again. “Janae I’ve liked you since we met. I really think you should at least let me take you on a date see me in a different light.” I said to her.

Janae sat in silence for a while. “Well, Janae?” I asked “okay,” she said. “Okay, what?” I said confused. “Okay, we can go on one date. But promise that if we aren’t on the same page at the end of that date things between us will not change, and you will always be my best friend.” Janae said. “I promise,” I said as I stuck out my pokey finger. She stuck out her pokey and connected with mine. We laughed. “So when are we going on this date?” she asked. “How about Friday after midterms that way we can unwind,” I said.

We agreed, and I counted down the days until Friday with excitement. When Friday finally arrived, and the last midterm was taken I did everything I could do. I had everything perfect. I got a rental car, so we didn’t have to worry about transportation. I went to Janae dorm room with flowers. When the door opened, I could have sworn I was drooling. Janae was dressed in a sexy black dress that hugged her body in all the places I wanted to touch her. She smiled at the sights of the flower; after putting them in her room in a vase of water, we head out.

The night was amazing we went to an amazing Italian restaurant that I read raving rewards about, and from there I took her to a club where we danced all night. When we made it back to the room, we were both a little drunk. But even with my drunken mind I knew Janae was going to let me in. We got to her room, and for the first time we kissed, and it was magical. Then she turned to let herself in her place. “So you going to let me in?” I asked. “I want to believe me, but I think it's best if we don’t,” she said. “Janae if you feeling what I’m feeling let's just go with it,” I said as I grabbed her hand and guided her key in the door. Janae stood against the door. “Damon no please respect my wishes,” she said. I kissed her and unlocked the door and pushed her into the room. She said no a few more times. But I figured with the way she thought of herself she thought I would be attracted to her body. I pushed her down on the bed and kissed her all her, and she fought and tried to move me until eventually I slid in. She said no a few more time, but then they stopped.

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