Part 1: Christian and Laila

My man and I have been living in marital bliss for over eight years now. I was twenty when I said I do. Now I’m living the life that most women dreamed of. Christian is a well-known writer and I am a stylist. He writes plays, books and so much more and travel all over the world. while I slayed the actors and actress that made his writing come to life.
We were a dual pack, a power couple nonetheless. When Christian made his way to the light, he made sure his wife’s name was always on the table. We concurred everything together. We started from nowhere and now we were here. I vowed to always be here for him and he vowed to be here for me. There is no questioning our love for one another and we showed it no matter how much our lives might change.
Tonight was no different after a long wait I was opening my first boutique. My vision was finally coming to the light. And my husband was right there by my side to celebrate with me. As we pulled up to the front door and the red carpet I looked at my sexy husband who was right by my side to celebrate with me like I had been for every one of his memorable moments. As we pulled up to the carpet Christian looked at me. “baby I am so proud of you. You are nothing less than amazing. You did all this.” He said before giving me a kiss. I smiled from ear to ear, hearing my husband words. “thank you for supporting me every step of the way baby.” I said to him. “I would have it no other way. Through thick and thin I vowed to make your dreams just as real as my own.” Christian said as he got out the car and walked around an opened my door.
As soon as he opened my car door the camera lights started to go off. I was so in love with every bit of this moment. I was in love with this feeling I had. When I was a little girl I dreamed of this. in the late nights when I would hear my dad beat on my mom this was the happy place I went to. Nothing could take this feeling away from me. Although I had been on red carpets before and had plenty of pictures taken of me. It was all for my husband’s success while I stood by him as his trophy. But this time the tables had turned. This was my event. This was my launch. This was my dream. I was doing what the other women in my life never did I was becoming someone.
We walked in and the room applauded. everything was just as I visioned, every detail was in place and Confidence the boutique was everything I ever wanted. I walked around and mingled with my guest. Then I heard the voice from hell “oh shit she hooked this mutha fucker up.” I looked up and there she was my loud, ghetto younger sister Sierra. “what is she doing here?” I turned to Chris and said with a smile on my face so my guest couldn’t see how bothered I was. “I don’t know that’s your sister.” He replied to me.
Sierra walked over and hugged me. I looked her up and down. This up-close sight of her made me even angrier. She was dressed in an all-white halter top club dress that her boobies were spilling out the top of and her ass was spilling out the bottom of. It was also clear to see and smell that she was already drunk. “Sierra... what are you doing here?” I mumbled. She put an evil smirk on her face. “why wouldn’t I be here when my big sister is having a big event. I couldn’t miss this the way we missed your wedding.” She said. “Sierra this is not the place or time for this.” Chris stepped in and stated.
Our talk with Sierra was interrupted when some of our guests walked over to talk to us. “So Laila and Chris what’s next for you guys. clearly, you both have success together and separate; so maybe now its time to grow a family.” One of the older female guests said. Before my husband or I could answer the question Sierra busted out laughing “ain’t no kids coming from these two. Laila doesn’t want kids. She not trying to fuck up her body.” From the way my guest was clutching her pearls I knew it was time for Sierra to go. “sierra can you get me a glass of wine from over there please.” I said trying to give Sierra a hint. “see she don’t want any kids she doesn’t even like having family around. I’m a go grab your drink though big sis.” Sierra said as she walked off.
I turned to Chris “get her out of here” I said to him. he nodded his head and walked off. I saw as he walked over to Sierra and whispered in her ear. Then he grabbed their coats and exited the store. I could always depend on my husband to take a situation that was falling apart and save it.
After an hour Chris reappeared, he let me know that he took her to get food and then made sure that she was safe and sound at my mother’s house. I kissed him and smiled. “thank you,” I said. for the rest of the night, we enjoyed our guest. When the night was over I left my perfect business with my perfect man and we went to our perfect home and got into bed.
“so babe what are we going to tell your family when they ask why we didn’t invite them to your grand opening,” Chris asked me as we laid in bed. “I’m not telling them shit. Because it's not their business.” I told him. “Laila baby you can’t be like that. this is your family we are talking about. Not to mention when you ignore your mother, she then calls me. And hits me with the third degree.” He told me and pleaded.
“so ignore her Chris,” I told him. “I can’t do that I love your momma you know I treat her like my own mother every since mine died shortly after our wedding.” He reminded me. “Chris then you deal with them because I will not. I didn’t invite them for good reason. I mean look how Sierra came, that alone was just a mess. And you wanted me to invite my Mississippi born, ghetto behind momma too and her family.” I said to him. “Sierra that’s your family they love you. Your mom gave us the security deposit for our first apartment and helped us out on many occasions before we got to where we are now. I can not just sit here and act like this disrespect is okay.” Chris said to me in a firm tone as he tossed his body around on the bed and put his back to face me. “but baby…” I said rubbing him. “good night Laila.” He said.
The next morning my house was silent Chris left without saying anything or even giving me a kiss. This was so unlike him so I must have really hit a nerve and pissed him off. So for my husband, I decided to right my wrongs and try to do some correcting with my family. I pulled up to my momma house and took a deep breath. “momma!” I said as I walked into the house. “in the kitchen Lala” she yelled out. I walked in and slammed my purse on the table. “where is your daughter?” I asked her. “why what happen? Is this about your event last night? Lala, she didn’t mean any harm. She just wanted to be with her big sister at an important time in her life.” my mom said in her pleasant mothering voice.
“momma you are always doing this. You make excuses for Sierra actions all the time and enough is enough. She is twenty-six still living at home with her mother not paying one bill or knowing anything about being a real adult. And running the street whenever she, please. Because you make it okay.” I said. “well I am not going to put my child out Laila I didn’t put you out. You decided that you were old enough and wanted to leave so I helped you. I supported you when you did it.” She said to me. “momma you just don’t get It she needs to grow up and she never will because of you. Do you know what she came to my formal event dressed in, on top of being sloppy drunk?” I asked.
“yes, lala I know I saw her when Chris carried her in the house I will talk to her about it.” My mom told me. “talk to me about what?” Sierra said interrupting the conversation. “talk to you about your foul ass behavior last night.” I said to her. “Lalia fuck you. Now my behavior is wrong because you got high-class friends now. We grew up in the same house. Once upon a time, you were just like me. We use to get carried in this house together drunk and high. Don’t forget that .” I walked towards Sierra standing in the kitchen doorway. “your right Ceecee boo that once was my life. I can’t and will never deny that. but the difference between me and you is that I grew up and moved on while your ass is still doing the same dumb shit.
Sierra stepped to me “lala boo… before you go telling my story like you know me or actually spend any time with your family. There's more to life then that high horse your riding on. Not to mention your only riding it because you're married to someone who became someone important. A matter a fact when he gets tired of you he’s going to knock you off that horse and get a new rider.” Sierra said while staring me died in my face.
“I can’t stand you.” I told her “the feeling is mutual” she responded, “now yall stop yall are family and when the good Lord takes me out of here all yall will have is each other.” Momma said to get the both of us to stop. “But momma…” I said “girl shut up you always whining to my momma when you don’t get your way and don’t pay her any mind any other time. The only reason I came to your event last night is that momma needs you but you keep ignoring her calls.” Sierra said.
“needs me for what?” I asked. “nothing I prayed on it and it will be fine.” Momma said. “No, it won’t be momma you got less than 30 days to come up with that money,” Sierra said. “Money yall want money. See I’m leaving. This is why I don’t come over here.” I said as I grabbed my purse. “Girl shut up and listen. Momma is behind on the taxes for the house and is going to lose it if the money isn’t paid.” Sierra said. I stood in front of Sierra trying to get out the kitchen and told her “then you help her. you live here not me.” I said “why do you think I came to your event last night I am trying to help her.” she said. “oh so helping her is getting money from me. Sierra, you're pathetic.” I told her “Sierra stop let her go, we will be alright.” Momma said. I looked Sierra up and down before pushing past her. as I got to the front door Sierra said “Lalia you can help willing or by force. I mean how do you think the world would feel to know that your perfect husband raped your little sister.” I spun around at the door. “you wouldn’t” I said “Sierra!” mother yelled out. “oh you think so? I mean all of your guests did see him leave with me last night. He returned and I didn’t.” she said with this look on her face. “you bitch,” I said to her. “its Ms. Bitch to you.”

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