Part 1: Chasity and Deonte

By day I sat in a 10th grade class room annoyed by these children. I was 16 but I lived a life none of these young girls could ever understand. Shit I lived a better life then most of these grown bitches twice my age.

Some people called me grown or hot in the ass because they thought they had a  clue on what I was doing, but they don’t know me or my story. I’m trying to make it. And right now the only thing I got to depend on is me and whatever I make happen for myself.

Every since my dad left when I was 7 my whole life has been different. Around here its every man for their sleeves. My mom or Stacey as she tells all four of her kids to call her; was more concerned about the men running in and out apartment that she was trying to find love with; then if he kids even went to school.

I use to do thing to try to get her attention; I would run away, put video of me tweeting on facebook, or wearing revealing clothes, all types of stuff. But it didn’t get her to take more then five mintues out for me. But when I noticed it got me different attention I ran with it. That’s how I meat Deonte.

Deonte stood 6 feet tall. With milk chocolate skin tone. He had to be about 195 pounds with a 6 pack and the v shape on his pelvis that lead into his boxers. His faded was always nice and crisp along with his well groomed beard. He had a prefect smile with one dimple on his left side. His Dark brown eyes were soul snatching. His arms and chest full of tattoo gave him a bad boy feel. Even though he had a tattoo of his ex girl friends name.

Deonte spotted me one day hanging out. When he stepped to me in his all white Lexus I seen nothing but dollar signs. This was my time I had to knock this one out the park. I could tell he was older then me so when he told me he was 25 I wasn’t surprised at all. I told him I was 19 and he didn’t question it because of how well my body had filled out.

I was 5’5 with a carmel skin tone. I had long jet black hair that I straighten bone straight because I didn’t like my natural curly hair status. I had hazel eyes with long eyelashes that I got from my domanican father. But having a black mom blessed me too I was curvy in all the right place. I had a tiny waist that held a ass like nicki manji the only difference is mine was real. And my C cup breast made me evenly porptioned all the way across.

Deonte gave me his nu,ber and from that day on he was all mine. He never pushed me into sex because I told him I was a virgin. He treated me like a queen. I was his trap queen. I was down to ride no matter what. Everything I asked for I got so anything he asked I made happened. I even tattooed his name on me. Because honestly since my dad left this was the first I felt care about.

I loved the life I was living with Deonte and although it started as him being a money mission for me I ended up falling for him. It was only a atter of time before he was showing me how he made all his money. He showed me how to cook the product, weight it, package it and how to get it out to the people that worked for us.

When I did go to school I would lie and tell Deonte I was going to work. In school I would sit there inpatiently waiting to get back to Deonte. This place was a joke to me. The dude here would try to talk to me and ask to carry my books. These boys couldn’t even pretend to be half the man my baby Deonte was.

Months went by and I was stuck to Deonte’s side. my mom put me out and told me there was only one person in her house paying bills. So I couldn’t come in her house at anytime I wanted and if I couldn’t do that I could get out.  Deonte move me into his place.

Everything seem amazing but I wish I would have stay in a childs place just a little longer. I remember the day like it was nothing December 17th 2014 changed me and my life forever.

That day deonte picked me up from the hair salon like he normally did, but today he was a little different. “hey daddy” I said as I got in the car smiling from ear to ear and shaking my weave he had just paid for. “whats up shorty, come take this ride with me.” He requested with a straight face “okay baby; where are we going.” I asked

“Just ride chasity” that’s all Deonte had to say and I obeyed. I sat back and put a smile on while my man took control.

I figured Deonte had a carrier who was fucking up the money and now he was going to go see about them. I was okay with that it wasn’t the first time I had to ride out with him for something like this. Hell he even like me get a hit or two in before.

But to my surprise we pulled up to a beautiful house in the suburbs. When we got out the car I grabbed Deonte hand. I wanted us to walk in and look like the power couple I thought we were.

When we got to the door a black older women opened it. We walked in she took our coats and said “Deonte the boss is waiting for you in the study.” I looked at Deonte confused. “Deonte what do she mean boss? Have you been here before?’ I asked him “Chasity not right now, just follow me and look good.” He told me.

I did as he said. I fixed my hair and clothes and followed behind him. We walked down the hall to the study. When we entered the study there was a older gentle men sitting behind a desk smoking a blunt. There were other people in the room cleaning, pouring him a drink and etc. When we walk in the older gentlemen signaled for them all to clear the room.

The guy stood up and motion for us to come take a step in the chairs in front of his desk. When we got there he extended his hand to me and said “Deonte who is this beauty. Hello gorgeous I’m Lamar.” Lamar looked me up and down in a sexual way that made me feel uncomfortable. I looked over at Deonte and he nodded his head to let me know to introduce myself.

I couldn’t open my mouth to speak I just kept looking at Lamar. He had to be about 6’1 and he was dressed real classy. He had a scar on his face that looked like some one had cut him from the corner of his mouth to his ear on his left side. Even through his brush cut his wavy hair showed through. His goatee was like a crisp like he had just got it lined up and when he smile he showed a bottom row full of gold teeth.

“Lamar this is my girl Chasity.” Deonte said. Lamar shock my hand. “Hello Chasity, where have Deonte been hiding you.” He asked with a smile. Deonte interrupted “she’s been around for a while Lamar; she even helps me get your product out.” Lamar sat down and looked. “Is that so. Well yall sit because that’s what I called you here about. Your payment for the product has been either late or short lately.” Lamar said as he relite his blunt.

Now I know nothing about the drug business other then what Deonte had taught me. But I knew for sure that you didn’t play with any man’ money.

Deonte moved around in his chair. “I mean Lamar the product not moving as fast as we’d like. People are going else where to get their fix where they can get it cheaper.” Deonte said sounded scared. Lamar took another pull from his bullet before putting it in the ash tray on his desk. Then he lend forward.

“are you telling me that im not providing you with a products that  good enough for you to sale?” I was now moving around in my sit too. Deonte started to stutter as he tired to explain him self to Lamar.

Lamar opened his desk draw and place on a gun on top of the desk. My eyes got big. I looked over at Deonte and he was clearly scared and about to wet his pants. “Deonte I’m a only ask you this once. Where is my money? Because you and this beauty over here don’t look like yall are missing out on a damn thing.”

Deonte started to pleas his case. Lamar stood and walked around his desk and slapped Deonte with his gun. As Lamar put the gun to Deonte head I started to cry because I was sure that we were going to die today and I wasn’t even legal yet

Lamar looked over at me. “Deonte I got a deal for you. I will clear the slate of every dime you owe me and let you walk out of here the same way you came in here. But in exchange…. I want her.” Lamar looked at me as he made the statement to Deonte.

Deonte looke at me with tears in his eyes. I shock my head  and mouthed to him no. I was not willing to do this for money that Deonte owed. Deonte said to Lamar “ Lamar she still a virgin; you dnt want that.” Lamar licked his lips. “Nah she’s exactly what I want. Cause now I know that you haven’t tainted her.”

Deonte looked back over at me. “Chasity, Please.” He plead to me. The tears streamed down my face faster.  “Chasity, if you love me you’d do this for me.”


  • Please continue this short story.

  • I love this one part2 please

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