Part 1: Chantel and Takara

“T ever get tired of this?” I asked her as we sat in the car smoking. “tired of what?” she asked me seeming confused. “this, this life, the scheming.” I said to her with a serious face. “girl this weed must be laced cause you tripping. Hell no! My bills are paid, my kids are well taken care of and want for nothing, and I have everything plus more than I have before Thomas got locked up.” Takara said. “yeah but how long do you think we can keep this up before we get caught, or worse one of us get hurt. We both got kids to make it home too. Not to mention the guys will be home in 2 years or so.”I said to her. “Channy in the last three years have we ever been close to not making it home to our kids or getting caught. We got it made. I got you, and you got me.” she said. “But T…” she interrupted me. “But nothing Channy lets go get this money, and we can talk about the rest later,” she said passing me the blunt.

   I took another hit and then we sprayed our sleeves down and got out the car. It was a Saturday night, so the club we were at out in DC was jumping. We would typically drive out here every weekend and hit different clubs. We would get my mom to babysit the kids and then hit her off with a real nice payment when we got back home. We walked in the club and looked around for our target for the night. As I was scanning the room, Takara elbowed me. “How about him right there,” she said moving her head in the direction of some young white boy that was surrounded by women and popping bottles like crazy. “The one that was looking like new money with all the females around?” I asked her. “Yeah.” she replied quickly Hell no that not our normal target.” I said to her.  “look around Chantel our normal target isn’t in here so we can either get this nigga who looks like he got more than enough money to make this trip more than worth the drive out here or we can go back to the hotel room and pack up and take our ass home with the few thousand we made last night.” she said.

“Takara we sit to older men who normally show that they aren’t from here so that we can get away with no issue that how this shit has been working so smooth. This shit right here, him, it just not sitting with me. we need to stick to what we know ” I said to her.  “what I know is that we need to get this money so let go.” she said sounding annoyed. “I got a better idea lets to take our asses home to our kids. we agreed if it was ever a time we could not agree we would leave.” I said. “what the fuck is wrong with you tonight? I had never known you to turn down or get scared when it came to getting this money “ she said as she walked away towards the guy.

I stood there pissed this was not how it was supposed to be going, and my gut was telling me that something was about to go wrong because Takara and I weren’t on the same page. I watched her as she walked right through all the women that were standing around this man and went up and whispered in his ear. We had been doing this for so long now that I knew actually what she was saying to him without being close enough to hear her. Hey, my girlfriend and I have been checking you out from across the room now for a while, and we both think you're very attractive. We are looking to have some fun tonight and wanted to know if you wanted to join us.

These two lines usually worked like a charm. The guy would back up and took us both over and just like that he would be head over hills with the idea of having a threesome with us. I mean with the way Takara and I looked who wouldn’t jump at the thought of having us both at the same damn time. I watch as the white guy stepped back looked Takara over and then looked at me from across the room. Then a smile appeared on his face, and just like that, I knew we had him.

Three years of doing this and something just played out the same. You take two sexy women and put them in a strip club with men that are already horny and then offer them a threesome with women that looked like Takara it was genius. I mean Takara was 27, and although she had three kids you would never know because her body was still perfect. She had no stretch marks, no nothing, just a big old ghetto booty that got attention where ever we went,  a nice pair of double D’s on her, and a slim waist. She also had a face as beautiful as Aaliyah and once upon a time she had the heart to match. But when her baby daddy Thomas got locked up with my baby daddy Ronnie behind some drug charges and life hit us hard now that our providers were gone her heart turned cold.

Me on the other hand, I was still as sweet as could be and tried to see the good in everything and everybody. Ronnie always told me that it was why he loved me the most because although I knew he did dirt, I still was able to see greatness in him. At the age of 27 the heart I had inside of this milk chocolate complexation body wouldn’t let me be any other way.

I was beautiful in my our way inside and out. But unlike Takara, I wasn’t as lucky to be stretch mark free. My twin girls didn’t do much damage to my body, but you could tell I had had a baby. But that was cool because the snapback after I had them and the thickness I gained had me looking beautiful and healthy in all the right areas. Went I sent Ronnie picture of me he always would tell me that all the niggas in there was so jealous and going crazy that he had a woman that looks like me on the outside holding him down and waiting on him to come home. It was flattering but mean much to me because the only thing I wanted was my man how to see and adore my body in person. As I stood near the wall, I watched Takara, and the guy walks over to the bar. Waited a while and then I went over to them. when I got them, I slid between the two of them facing Takara and said: “baby I am ready to go.” Takara smiled at me and said “okay baby but first let have a drink with Ryan he’s here from Mississippi celebrating a promotion he just got.” she said to me. I turned and looked at Ryan and extended my hand. “Congratulations,” I said to him. He smiled and looked me up and down as I shook his hand. “thank you. What would you ladies like to drink …? Dang I’m sorry I never got your names.” he said. It was our main real that when we were doing this, we never used our real name so I said to him “I’m Keila and this is my girlfriend, Nicole.” “Okay Keila and Nicole what are we drinking,” he asked. “Give me a shot of Henny because tonight seems like Henny-thing is possible.” Takara said, “Okay okay I can dig that. Bartender let me get three triple shots of Henny.” Ryan said.

I looked at Takara trying to let her know that I still wasn’t feeling 100% comfortable with this. “so when you say girlfriend do you mean like home girls or girlfriend girlfriends.” he asked us. Takara grabbed my face and tongue kissed me. As many time as we had done this shit it was still so odd to me. when we stopped and looked back at Ryan he was smiling from ear to ear. “oh so y'all about that life.” he said. “yeah we are, but the question is do you think you can handle the both of us?’ Takara asked. “shit hell yeah  all I need to know is when and where.” he said, “well we only in town for the night so tonight at our hotel room.” I said. As bad as I felt like we shouldn’t do this Takara already had us in too deep now. The bartender came over and sat our drinks down, and Ryan pulled and big wodd of money out his pocket and paid for them. “I’m there.” Ryan then said as he lifts his glass for us to toast.

Before I knew it, we were all leaving the club together. Takara and I had already got a separate hotel room at a different hotel than where we were staying. Ryan followed us in his car, so I had time to talk to Takara. “T something still doesn’t feel right,” I said to here. “Relax damn we got this money in the bag. I have been watching his pockets all night, and he got a few thousand on him. Let's get in here do what we do and leave.” she said. I took a deep breath and sat back. When we got to the hotel, Ryan laid across the hotel bed. “This a nice room Y'all got here.” he said. “thank you, give us a few minutes we are going to slide into something a little sexier and be right back out,” I said to him. I walked in the bathroom, and Takara stopped at the mini fridge in the room. When she came into the bathroom she handed me a shot. “drink this so you can relax” she said. I stopped change and threw the shot back. “everything in place?” I asked her. “yes there’s a gun under the bed and another in the dresser where the tv is right in front of the bed.” she said. “okay good.” I said.

We came out of the bathroom, and Ryan was sitting in the chair next to the bed with nothing but his boxers on. “Damn Y'all sexy,” he said. we both smiled. “Get on the bed, I want to watch Y'all first before I join in,” he said rubbing his hand across his dick that already seemed to be hard. Takara and I got on the bed I started to kiss on her and undress her. I took each of her breasts out and licked and sucked on them as she moaned. As I kept performing sexual acts on Takara, I started to feel dizzy. I licked up Takara's neck, and when I got to her ear I whispered. “something is wrong I feel dizzy.” she nodded her head. this lent me back. She started to undress me, and the last thing I remember was her sucking on my boobies and making her way down to my vagina before I blacked out.

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