Part 1: Cashis and Lonnie

Ever woken up next to the love of your life and felt like you were his best-kept secret. That was my everyday feeling? I did everything it took to make Lonnie happy and satisfied but I couldn’t say the behavior was mutual. I gave him a place to stay when they let him out of jail, let him drive my car while I was at work, and even when I was spiritual, mentally, physically tired I still seemed to make him go crazy in bed. I fed his wants and needs in every way but still dealt with disrespect.
But as unsatisfied as I was I stayed. I couldn’t remember the last time I honestly got any of Lonnie's time without his dick being inside of me. Tonight was no different Lonnie laid next to me sleep after sex while I laid there wide awoke and still horny and feeling unfulfilled. As I reached into my nightstand for my toy so I could go to the bathroom and do what I normally do and please myself in the shower I noticed that Lonnie's phone was blowing up.
I looked at him sleeping like a baby and then back at the phone. I grabbed my toy, and the phone and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and then had a sit on the toilet with the phone in my hand. “Cash what are you doing girl? Are you really about to go through this man's phone? Have you really hit rock bottom to the . point that you have become one of those women?” I said to myself. I looked at the phone and sat on the sink “I’m not going to do it.” I said. I got undressed and got in the shower. When I got out I felt so much better now that I was so sexually backed up.
As I started to dry off Lonnie's phone was still ringing. I picked it up and it was a number that wasn’t saved; when the call ended I saw that there were other missed calls and text messages from that same number. I wrapped my towel around me and sat down on the edge of the tub. I unlocked the phone and took a look. I went to the messages and it was someone asking if Lonnie was free. I figured it was one of Lonnie's boys and just as I was getting ready to put the phone back a picture message came through from that number. It was a woman's body dressed in lingerie and the captain said so you're going to leave me dressed like this with no response from you.
That was all the ammo I needed to look through the text thread to find out what was going on. From the texts, Lonnie had been seeing this girl for a while. There were messages of them sexting and pictures and videos of the girl in sexual ways. The more I saw the madder I got. I texted the number back and said he left you hanging tonight because he’s home with me. stop calling and texting with a selfie of myself. There was no response for a few minutes then a text came in saying lol yeah ok.
I got up and stormed out of the bathroom. “Lonnie who this fuck is this,” I said waking him up and shoving the phone in his face. “Cashis what are you talking about and why you got my phone?” he said looking confused. “Fuck all that who is this you been texting Lonnie!” I repeated. He sat up in bed. “Man give me my shit you trippin,” he said and he snatched the phone. “No I'm not tripping your ass disrespecting me,” I yelled. “How? How Cashis? How am I disrespecting you? You're not my girl. We are not in a relationship, we are just doing our thing.” He said. I looked at him like he had three heads. “I'm not your girl but I was the only one holding you down when you were locked up when you got out I was the only one willing to give you a place to live and since you been here I been feeding, fucking and financing you. So you can miss me with that I’m not your girl shit. Because from the shit I do for you I’m your mutha fucking girl” Lonnie got out the bed “man you did all that shit on your own free will. I never told you, you had to just like I never told you, you were my girl so don’t blame me for the shit you decide to do. I'm going to get on the couch so I can get some sleep since you won't let a nigga be in here.” He said.
Days went by and I was giving Lonnie the silent treatment. I wasn’t letting him drive my car and I damn sure wasn’t providing him with any money so when I went to work he was on my couch and when I came home he was on my couch still. Friday night approach and I had made plans. I finally agree to let this guy from my job Marlon take me out. He had been asking for months but I always turned him down out of respect for Lonnie but since respect was out the window I figure why not.
I took my time getting dressed. I wanted to look perfect that way I could show Marlon what he could possibly be gaining and show Lonnie what he was missing. As I was in the bathroom doing my makeup Lonnie knocked on the bathroom door. “Yo can you come out the bathroom I gotta pee,” he said. I opened the door dress in a red dress that stopped right above my knees, hugging my body tight in all the right places and reviled some side boob. I stepped past Lonnie letting him in the bathroom while I went into my bedroom. My outfit must have made him forget that he had to pee because instead of going into the bathroom he came into my bedroom behind me and asked: “where are you going dressed like that?” he asked as I stood in the mirror fixing my hair. “Out” I answered, never turning to look at him. “Out where Cashis?” Lonnie said, sounding angry. “That's none of your concern just know I am going out. Don’t wait up.” I said as I walked by him with my purse heading to the door. Lonnie grabbed my arm and said, “man change your clothes or you ain’t going nowhere don’t make me fuck you up.” I laughed and patted Lonnie on the chest “I’m not your girl so I can wear what I want. You have a good night.” I snatched away from him and walked away. I could feel Lonnie burning a hole into the back of my head.
I walked out of the house and got in my car. I burst out laughing thinking about how Lonnie was probably in the house acting. As soon as I pulled out the driveway Lonnie started calling my phone. I politely put him on do not disturb because I refused to let him mess up this date for me. I got to the restaurant and Marlon was waiting outside for me. “Glad you could join me tonight,” he said as he opened the car door for me. Marlon was such a breath of free air compared to Lonnie. We had a real conversation and he was actually interested in things about me outside of my money and body. He even asked me to dance and as we danced he held me like a gentleman. And I smelled his cologne and melted into his arms. After the restaurant we went to the movies and when I got cold Marlon gave me his jacket. I smiled realizing what I had been missing. I was glad Lonnie hurt me because had he never did that I wouldn’t have been experiencing this. After the movies and a nice walk, Marlon made sure I was back in my car safe as he said goodnight and told me to let him know I was home safely.
I got home and Lonnie was up waiting. I knew that before getting out of the car because he was peeking out the blinds when I pulled in the driveway. I opened the front door and he said calmly “you must have had fun and couldn't return one of my phone calls or text messages.” I rolled my eyes “yes I did have fun so much fun that my phone stayed in my purse the whole time. What did you possibly need that you were calling and texting me anyways? I said “it doesn't matter now,” Lonnie said, sounding like a little kid. I shook my head and walked away from him into my bedroom to get out my heels.
I went into my room and pulled out my phone. I saw all the texts and missed calls I had from Lonnie; I laughed at them and then I text Marlon to let him know I was in the house and to thank him for the great night. I put my phone on the nightstand and slipped off my dress. I grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out of the shower and back to my bedroom Lonnie was sitting on the edge of the bed with my phone in his hands. “Ya boy Marlon texted you back he said that you were absolutely stunning tonight and that he hopes you let him take you out again soon. So this what you out here doing? Are you out here going on dates with niggas? You probably let him fuck too that why ya ass went and took that shower so quick. Hoe ass bitch” I laughed at Lonnie “so you going through my phone now? I asked. “You went through mine didn't you?” Lonnie replied.
“Lonnie give me my phone so I can go to bed,” I said. Lonnie shout my phone and it hit the wall behind me. I looked at my phone laying on the ground and then back at Lonnie “what the fuck is wrong with you?” I asked. “Be glad I threw that phone instead of hitting you for this disrespect shit you did tonight. You out here on a date like you don’t have me at home.” He said, sounding completely crazy. “You said it yourself I’m not your girl so it doesn't matter what I do! You were doing you fucking bitches and shit and it was all good. I go on one date and all hell break loose.” I said
Lonnie walked up to me. “Your mine. No other nigga is about to fuck that up.” He said then pushed me back on the bed. I went to stand back up and Lonnie grabbed me by my throat. “Lay down,” he said in a forceful way. “Lonnie gets off of me and lets me get dressed,” I said. “No, you don't need no clothes. If you ain't fuck that nigga then when my dick goes in it should still feel the same.” He said. I looked at Lonnie like he was crazy. “So you going to rape me?” I asked, “it's not rape because of your mine.” He said

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