Part 1: Brook, Sydney, and Tip   

I am the weekend chick. Not the side chick but the weekend chick. See I don’t care about holidays, meeting his momma or getting all his time. I am the chick down to suck his soul out of his penis without him hinting, asking or making a special request. From time to time I even trick him to me and an extra chick. Not because he deserved it but just because that night she might have been what I really want and he just benefited from it.  

   I am the weekend chick but you can call me Brook. See my weekends were just like everyone else a bunch of what’s the move tonight, or I’m bored post on Facebook; mixed with a few I wish I was getting my ass rubbed snaps. Then I met Tip. I had seen him around before on Facebook and in the hood. But he was your normal “in high demand” nigga. He had 5000 friends on Facebook and 95% of them were females waiting to comment and like any and everything he posted.

   In the hood though we all knew that Tip had a shorty name Sydney. He didn’t post her on Facebook or see them together all the time. But we knew there was something between them. She’d post little picture of them on Facebook and even showed up to his little same rap gigs he had in the clubs in our city.

   But shit even with knowing all that when he took his shot at me one day my little gullible ass believed and hung on every word he said like a dummy. I mean Tip was fine you don’t like a nigga like him pass you by. He was dark skin with the smoothest skin I seen a nigga ever have. He was tattooed just like I like my men. His muscle lets me know that he could pick my little ass up and fuck the shit out of me, or at least that’s what I imagined in my head. And that sex as beard he had. Well, the ways I wanted to feel that was not something I could say in front of my saved grandma.

   Tip gave me his number and I stored it on my phone. But I decided that I would use it. My homegirls had already warned me about him. That he was a player, that he had Sydney but still did what he wanted to; so I stayed clear. But one day he inboxed me on Facebook. When his name popped up on my phone my stomach started to have butterflies. He invited me to a get together at his house and I tired t decline. I told him I worked to 11 pm a wouldn’t have a ride. But he didn’t care he told me to hit him when I got home just hit him and he’ll come get me his self.

   When Tip picked me up I sat in his truck like a scared church girl. He made little conversations and jokes. It hit me that Tip was nothing more than a normal dude. By the time we pull up to his house I was still a little uptight. He made me a drink and told me to loosen up. As the drinks kept rolling in I got friendlier. After some time, everyone cleared out and it was just me and Tip. I sat on the couch waiting for him to ask was I ready to go.

   But to my surprise Tip came on joined me on the couch with another drink for me and him. He looked passionately into my eyes. Then he kissed me. I tired to resist, but Tip kept going. He kissed and sucked on my neck. It felt like heaven but I had gone a year without a sex, just my toys.

   Tip looked me in the eyes as he lifted my shirt and released my breast from my bra. He must have been surprised and the size of them because he smiled before going in and lick and suck on each nipple. He progressed and eventually before I knew it we were having sex. He was fucking me before then anyone had before. H was paying attention to every sign my body was giving. He knew when he strokes faster and her or when to stroke slower and deeper. I sure after that night he had a lot of explaining to do with Sydney when she saw the marks I left on his back.

   The next day when he inboxed me again calling me boo, and complimenting my smile I knew that this had become a thing. From then I and Tip got together every weekend. I was feeling him. He had introduced me to his friends. He would take selfies with me, and when he had a major show I was the only bitch that brought a ticket. Sydney was even there. But honestly but this time I didn’t care when she showed up or not. I had learned to play my role perfectly. But the more I tried to convivence myself that it was just sex and a good time the hard it was for me to hide that I was growing real feeling for Tip.

   I even though he felt the same way about me. I mean we had a friendship outside the sex, we talked about any and everything. I even knew his government name. I would tell my homegirl Keisha about Tip and she would remind me that he had a girl and that I deserved better. But shit I didn’t care. When I and my ex Carl were together these hoes didn’t give a fuck about him being my man. So shit I was just returning the favor. I mean I’m not looking for Love out of Tip. Or was I?

   I would give myself my weekend chick speech. I was trying to not lose focus or get hurt. But I couldn’t help it I wanted more of Tip and I wanted him to myself. I mean this bitch Sydney wasn’t doing what I was. Tip said she would have never been down for a threesome. She always frowned her face when he brought it up. So, I decide to make Tip MINE.

   “Yo baby ya ass had the bed soaked last night.” Tip said as I brought his plate out to him while he was laying on my couch. I laughed and said “You did it to me.” Tip smirked as he took his plate “oh word?” We both laughed. I laugh and laid on the couch next to Tip. “Bae,” I said after sat in silence for a while watching tv. “what’s up shorty” he answered. “when are you going to stop having me out her looking like a groupie?” Tip looked confused and said “What? Liking me don’t make you look like a groupie, especially not if I like you.” I rolled my eyes and said, “I think I start falling back from you.” Tip laughed. “Man shut up you not falling back from nothing.” Now come here. I laid on Tip chest as he watched tv until he fell asleep. If he wouldn’t give me what I want willingly I was just going to take what I wanted by force.

   I thought day in and day out about how to set my plan into attention. Then I decided I would just break Tip and Sydney up. I started doing little things like leaving an extra pair of panties under his pillow after we had sex at his house, I even stuff a pair in the cease of his passenger seat. All places I knew Sydney would eventually see it.     

   After a few weeks, I could tell that she was finding the thing I was leaving behind because Tip was coming to my house looking more stressed out. But he wouldn’t say anything about it. I was getting mad because it seemed like I was still in the same place and my plan wasn’t working. So, I decided to do something else.

   I knew how Tip felt about kids. We had always talked about the fact that we wanted them. Tip was already in his 30s with none. So I took a safety pin and poked a hole in the condoms that Tip left at my house. For weeks I and Tip had sex and I just smiled knowing that he was using the condoms I had damaged.  When the resolves finally came in that I was pregnant I didn’t tell Tip I inboxed Sydney on Facebook.

Hey Hun

You don’t know me but I’m coming to you as a woman. To let you know that Tip has been my man and your man for the last few months now. And well ummm…. I’m pregnant.

I could see that she read the message but she didn’t reply. I called Tip but he was answering. The next morning, I was awoken by a knock at my door. I opened it and it was Sydney. I stood in my doorway a little scared on the inside but I could not let her see it. “Since you wanted to come to me as a woman I didn’t want you to think that you were going unheard. He is no longer our man he’s yours here the stuff he had at my house. I wish yall the best.” Sydney said before turned and walking off. Halfway down the apartment hallway she turned around and said Oh yeah you might want to go bail him out. He sitting downtown with a $1000 bail for aggravated driving.

I watched Sydney walked away and then I pulled the box of stuff she left in my apartment. I picked up the phone and call Kiesha, my mom and dad to borrow money. With what they gave me and what I had stashed away I had enough to go bail Tip out.

When they finally processed him out and he came out and got in the car I sat there in silence. Tip looked at me “how did you know I was here?’ he asked. I put my head down “Sydney” I said real low. “Why the fuck would Sydney tell you anything.” He said in an angry voice that I only heard a few time when he was mad and about to fight some dudes. I grab my purse and hand him the paper from my doctor. “because I told her about this.” Tip read the paper. Then he slapped me. I sat in the driver seat holding my face. “the next time you decide to be smart with my life don’t. Now let’s go to your house”

When we got to the house Tip didn’t speak to me. He went to the bathroom and closed the door. I could hear him talking to Sydney on the phone. After about an hour he came out. “so what are we doing about this baby.” He said. I looked at him and grabbed my stomach “Tip I’m keeping this baby.” I told him. “Okay fine so be it,” he said when he walked up to me and grabbed my face “but if I found out that baby not mine. I’m a kill you myself.”

The months and the pregnancy went on, Tip was happy about the baby but he was a totally different man to me now. I was now Sydney. With me being pregnant I wasn’t on the scene a much, Tip came home late or not at all. When he called it was to check on the baby and not on me. The sex was rougher and now just to please him.

After I gave birth to Marcus not much changed besides that I became a punching bag for Tip. Everything pissed him off. If Marcus cried too long he’d hit me and tell me to stop ignoring his son. When Marcus was about 2 month I got an inbox from another woman tell me she was sleeping with Tip and when I asked him about it he beat me.

A day I inboxed Sydney and asked her could we met up that I wanted to apologize to her. We agree to meet at a local diner. When she walked in she looked birth taking and refreshed. Not the same women that stood in my doorway over a year ago.  She sat down and the first words that I could muster up was. I am so sorry. She grabbed my hand and said honey don’t worry about it. You were my release. Tip cheated on me for years. Beat on me and gave me black eyes that I stayed in the house to hide from people. Even got me pregnant but I refused to bring a baby into that condition. When you inboxed me you were my exit. Now I’m happy and healthy and living my life.

I sat at the table in silence. I never knew what Tip was doing to Sydney behind closed doors. All I was seen was what he was doing with me and how he treated me and I wanted that. I and Sydney talked for a little while longer before Tip started calling my phone. As we got ready to depart Sydney looked at me at said you wanted my life before and did what it took to get it; so, do that again do. Do whatever it takes to have this healthy life I’m living.

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