Part 1: Brittany and Jyreese

 I had done a complete 180 for Candice, being put in the position of possibly losing her made really rethink things out. I didn't want to live without my better half, so I really did some self-evaluation and got my shit together. I was listening to her more, paying more attention to her, and spend more time at home. It was working out great. The sex had gotten better, we were engaged now and talked about trying to have another baby. Candice was even looking different to me now it was she had this glow, and I’d do anything to keep it that way.

I was in the middle of my shower thinking about my baby when I heard banging at the front door. I rushed out the bathroom with only a towel thinking it was Candice back from the grocery store. I figured she had either locked herself out or that she had too many bags in her hand to open the door for herself. “Here I come bae,” I said rushing down the stairs as the knocking got louder. when I got to the door and opened it, it wasn’t Candice it was her best friend, Brittany.     

Brittany rushed passed me into the house crying and talking a high speed; I wasn’t even sure what she was saying she was so hysterical. I stopped her. “Yo Brittany I’m sorry to interrupt you but Candice not here,” I said. Brittany turned around and looked at me. “Damn Ress I’m sorry I thought you were Candice.” She said as she tried to wipe the tears from her eyes. I walked over to the coffee table and got her a tissue and handed it to her. “Thank you,” she said as she wiped her face. It was an odd moment of silence, and then I noticed Brittany's eyes went down to the towel I had wrapped around my waist. So I broke the silence “ umm so like I was saying Candice not here. I didn’t want you to keep talking and realize you were talking to the wrong person because it seemed like you had a lot to pour out. and I figure it was a best friend thing.” I said. “Yeah I was expecting Candice, I saw her car outside and assumed she was here and that you were gone like you always are,” Brittany said.

I nodded my head. “Understandable. She took my car to go to the grocery store so I could take her car to get an oil change. but I will tell her you stopped by.” I said trying to rush Brittany out the door, so I could get back to my shower and get the dress to run my errands. Not to mention the way Brittany’s eyes kept going down to my towel was making me a little uncomfortable, so I knew had to get her the fuck up and out my house. Candice and I were just getting back to a good place, and  I knew no matter what if Candice walked in right now I would be the one that was in the wrong.

Brittany started to walk towards the door and then she stopped and said “Reese this might sound odd, but I could really use someone to talk to, and with my situation, I got going on right now I could use a male’s point of view. I mean I can trust what you say to me I know you're a dude that was fucking up before and got it together.“ Brittany said to me. I stood there looking at her not saying anything at first completely stunned that this woman had just basically called me a fuck up to my damn face. But it was true but damn. Brittany must have figure out what she said was crazy because she then apologized. “I’m sorry Reese that came out wrong. what I mean is that you and Candice have been through some shit and y'all still together and now engaged so I feel I can trust your advice.” she said.

“Brittany I’m just not sure maybe you can just come back when Candice is home she could give you better advice then I can. I said to her. Brittany started to cry I stood there for a little while and then said to myself fuck it let me listen to her. Hopefully, this gets me some extra head or pussy tonight I thought to myself. “Brittany give me a few minutes I’m a go get dress, and I will be back down to talk with you,” I said. she wiped her face once again and smiled. “Okay thanks.” she said. “make yourself at home you know where everything is poured yourself a drink if you need to,” I said then I went upstairs to our bedroom.

I threw on some grey sweatpants and the matching hoodie. Then I sent Candice a text. Hey bae where are you? I sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to respond. She texted back and said that she had just got to the store because the lines at the bank where so long but she should be home in thirty to forty-five minutes to make sure I was ready to help her with all the bags when she pulled up. I texted her back and said okay and that Brittany was at the house. So told me okay to let her know she was gone and to come back or to let her stay and I could leave to do whatever I had to Brittany and her could get the groceries in the house and that  Brittany would be okay until she got there because she had been alone in our home before plenty of times. For some reason when she texted me that it bothered me, why was Brittany ever alone in our home and was am I just now hearing of it. I never left any of my homeboys alone in our house. But I brushed it off told her I love you and to see her soon.

I went back downstairs, and Brittany was sitting on the couch with a drink in her hand and her head down. “yo Brittany I just hot Candice up she just got to the grocery store, but she said she should be back in like thirty minutes if you want just to wait and talk to her.” I said. “I need just to talk and vent now. I know Candice she not going to be back for like an hour to an hour in an off because she is going to go up and down every aisle and price check everything and make sure she got coupons for stuff. You don't have to say much Reese I just need a listening ear and if you feel like giving me some insight so be it.” she said with a tear forming in her eyes again.

“Listen Brittany don’t cry please I will sit with you and listen until she gets here.” i told her. “thanks it really means a lot to me.” she said then took a sip of her drink and I took a seat on the opposite couch as her. “so what's up?” I said to her. “Okay, so I have been messing with this guy that I thought was some time now name Allen. Today I just so happen to pop up at his job trying to spice things up and figure we could have lunch and then sex in his office for dessert. Well as I am under his desk giving him head in walks some chick. And I notice that Allen gets real stiff. Like I could push this nigga back so I could come up from under the desk no noting. They chit-chatted for a little while and then the chick leaves and Allen lets me up. When I asked him what all that was about he goes to tell me just as boldly as ever that the woman that had just walked in was his girlfriend. his fucking girlfriend, Reese.” Brittany said “Damn that's crazy. Don’t take this the wrong way but how long have Y'all been together and how didn’t you know that he had a girlfriend. Now and days you females make it damn near impossible to hide that we are in a relationship. All of you want facebook relationship status updated, selfies, matching shirt and all that. Not to mention if she’s walking in his office it sounds like she might work with him.” I said to her. “We have been dealing with each other for about six to seven month now. Maybe I was blind sighted. I thought he was the perfect guy. He had a good paying job, no kids, his loft downtown, he wined and dined me, he was a good communicator, everything was just perfect that I never thought to think he was perfect for me and someone else.” she said.

“damn, Brittany I am sorry to hear that. that's fucked up man for real.” I told her. “right like I feel played. Like I am a good woman. I have my job, my place, my credit score good, I have no kids, I cook, I clean, and I suck dick. why would a dude want to play a bitch look me or that looks like this.” Brittany said as she put her drink on the coffee table and stood up and showed her shape off. “I mean I wouldn’t think that's what most of us men are looking for, women that don’t need us but want us, that's already holding it down for her damn self, that can cook like our momma, but fuck us like a porn star.’ I said. Brittany stopped and looked with this look that I couldn’t explain. “exactly.’ she said in agreeance. “Listen to Brittany your dope. after all the years Candice and I have been together I could see that you are smart, caring, loving, and beautiful.” I told her trying to give her some encouragement. “then why did he play me like that?” she said sound really sad as she sat back down on the couch. “as a man I can tell you that most times we don’t realize what a prize we have in front of us until its about to walk out on us or its already gone. Some of us are lucky and get a second chance, and we change. Others let their loss become the next man's blessing. if that Allen nigga doesn’t see the prize, you are don’t get discouraged another man will see it believe me.” I told her.

Brittany looked at me “like you?” she asked. “huh?” I said confused. she walked over and sat on the couch that I was on. “do you see me as a prize?” Brittany said with a seductive look. “Brittany you are a prize.” I told her trying to make sure I pick my words carefully. “so if you know, I’m a prize why not come get this prize.” Brittany said getting real close to me and rubbing on my arm. “Brittany I am with your best friend. I love her, and I already hurt her in the past. We are in a good space right now, and I am not trying to go backward.” I said to her. “you love, but she doesn't truly love you. She only with you because of the stuff you do for her. What she calls your ass can’t get right. She knows that's your going to fuck up and she is okay with that because she knows she will be taken care of. you got money, and you give her the life she wants that's what she loves not you.” Brittany said. “Brittany I can’t believe your bad talking Candice right now. I don't want to be a part of this conversation I think it's time you leave.” I said as I stood up.

“you want me to leave when you should of letting her ass leave when she put on that show for you.” Brittany said. “what show what are you talking about?” I asked. “the one put did to make you get your shit together. She plotted all that shit out. She knew if she played the mind games with you and acted like she was so hurt that she would get just what she wanted the ring. And just she said it happened. you played right into her trap.” Brittany said. “Brittany why are you this? I know that your hurting right now and your emotional but don’t try and destroy what Candice and I have.” I told her “I’m saying it because it's true and if you feel like it will destroy what y'all have then something in you is telling you what I am saying is right.” Brittany said.

I sat on the other couch in silence. Brittany walked over to the sofa, “come to get the prize Reese no one has to know but us. You can remain with Candice if you want. But at least know her heart isn’t pure when it comes to you. Don’t be a fool play the game the same way she is playing it. Brittany said. “Brittany Candice will be home soon. I am going to get my stuff, and I am going to go.” I said to her then start to get up off the couch. But Brittany pulled me back down and got on my lap. “stop running from me and just let this happen.” she said to me. “I’m not running I am just not trying to go there with you. if what you say is true if we sleep together we are just as wrong as Candice.” I said to her. I pushed Brittany off my lap and stood up. As I started to walk out the living room to go get my keys, Brittany said “so everything you just told me about me being a prize to the next man was just all talk, because not even you want me.” she said.

   I turned around and looked at her but before I could say anything the front door opened. “Bae, can you get these bags?” Candice said as she walked in. I went to the door quickly “ I will get all the bags because Brittany needs some girl talk that I can’t help with.” I said to her. Candice started to laugh. “aww baby you were trying to hold it down for me while I was gone. aww, I love you.” Candice said before kissing me. “I tired,” I said to her. “well go ahead I got it from her,” Candice said. Then I walked outside to the car. I got all the bags and brought them in the house Candice and Brittany were talking in the kitchen and unpacking the groceries as I brought them in. Once all the food was in I quickly left because the vibe was so weird in my own house now.

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