Part 1 Brandon & Ja’la

So, it's been around three months since Brandon's new pic, and about three years since the first time he had done this to me. See, we were friends by day, but lovers by night or whenever Brandon wanted. My soul desired this man just as bad as my heart loved him. I gave him my body and the virginity. I could never get that back. In exchange, he picked every other female but me to be his leading lady. And when he got tired of them or they didn’t satisfy him fully, he knocked on my door and I would spread my legs for him.
That's why three years later, I was searching Facebook; I was checking the profile of every girl he chose over me. I was doing this because every day I was trying to figure out why the man I loved couldn’t be with me, but could fuck me in his spare time. Was I not enough? Was I not pretty enough? Did I not support him enough? Some might say it had nothing to do with me. They would argue that he was making little boy decisions because he couldn’t see what he already had, but that didn’t stop my heart from hurting, my tears from flowing and my fingers from typing the name of each girl on this website where I first found: out about them .
I sound crazy, don’t I? I was the best kept secret Brandon ever had, but I was fed up with him and this. I was fed up with being looked over. If this ass was fat enough for him to bend over at night, and this pussy was wet enough to suck on, and my name good enough for him to remember when he had no one else, he needed to act that way all the time. If he couldn’t see what he had in front of him, I was going to force myself to move on.
If he couldn’t see the woman I wanted to be with him, He would see how it felt to see me happy with someone else.
Unfortunately, it was easy to give me this speech in the morning before Brandon came over, but as soon as he was in front of me everything changed. It was like the boy had me wrapped around his finger. I could talk a good game, but I had been struggling to follow through with it.

“Yo J, where you at?” I heard Brandon call as he walked into my apartment.
“I’m back here in the bathroom!” I yelled out to him.
Brandon came and stood in the doorway, looking at me as I fixed my hair.
“You’re looking good,” he complimented.
I smiled and blushed.
“Thank you.”
“J, can I talk to you about something, though?”
I turned and looked at him.
“Yeah, what’s up?”

“I can’t stand this bitch, Mya.”
I rolled my eyes and turned back to the mirror.
Ugh, I was so over this speech.
Mya was Brandon’s baby mom. You could say she was his gift for being a hoe. When Mya got pregnant, she couldn’t wait to tell everyone that Brandon with the waves that were always spinning, the milk chocolate skin complication and now this thick black beard that he grew in the last year in and a half was her daughter Imani’s father.
I mean everyone wanted Brandon. He was what I called an in high demand ass nigga. He was athletic. He had abs of steel. Females literally stared when he ever he took his shirt off and his ass would eat up the attention. Both of his arm were filled with tattoos that all had major meaning to him.
“What did Mya do now?” I asked in an annoyed voice.
“Man listen, so I go to pick up Imani for our daddy daughter date and this bitch won’t let her come outside. She going to tell me I’m not doing enough for my daughter. Then she goes on to tell me unless I got some money for her right now, Imani going nowhere with me.”
I just listened to Brandon's story and shook my head. This had been their never ending fight for the last two years.
At the end of the day, Brandon was no deadbeat. He had just gotten a hood rat pregnant. Mya didn’t work, but she was the most flyest bitch I knew, even living on government assistance. On top of food stamps, her rent being paid and whatever else they gave her, Brandon paid $200 a week in child support to her.
He had his daughter on his insurance through his job, and with no complaints, he still provided for his daughter outside of the $200 he paid in child support. He even made it his business to get his daughter whenever he wasn’t working or whenever Mya called, but no matter how much he did, Mya was one of the baby mommas that lived to make her baby daddy’s life a living hell because he didn’t want to be with her.
“So, what did you do?” I asked him, but I already knew the answer.
“Man, I pulled the $100 I had in my pocket out and gave it to her so I could take my baby girl to breakfast,” he said, angry with his chest all pumped up.
As I straightened my hair, I asked him, “Have you ever thought about getting the courts involved so you don’t have to deal with that?”
“Man, I don’t want no court telling me how or when I can see my baby,” he said with an attitude.
I knew Brandon would do anything for Imani so this was a touchy subject for him. I figured I would say nothing.
“Yo, so are you going to Lala’s party?” he asked me all hype.
“That house party?” I asked him.
“Yeah, it's tonight. It's going to be lit,” he replied to me.
“Shit, I don’t know. We are too old be in a house party and you know people were acting crazy in house parties. Plus, I got a date tonight,” I told him.
“Man, I’m going! Fuck that. Being 21 ain't about to stop me from going. Plus, that baddie Paris wants to go with me,” he said with a smirk.
I turned and looked at him.
”Paris? You talking about Paris with the big ass, high yellow skin and long ass weave that she lies and says is her’s?” I asked him.
He laughed. “Yeah, shorty dope, so I was thinking I can go to the party with her and then come here after I drop her off. That’s if you not still on your date and shit,” she said.
I turned back around to the bathroom mirror.
Brandon walked in and put his arms around my waist.
I looked at him in the mirror.
“So, you’re going to take another chick to this party and then you wanna come to my house after?” I asked him.
I was hoping he would get the hint of how crazy that sounded to me.
“Man, you know what we got these other bitches don’t compare to. I don’t know why you're acting like this.”
I was screaming on the inside to myself. Why am I acting like this? Why? Because I am in love with you. Because I want more than just sex from you. But that word didn’t exit my mouth.
Instead, I just said, “Okay, whatever. I’ll leave the door open for you after Tristin drops me off.”
I could see Brandon’s face change.
“Tristin? That who you going on a date with?” he asked.
I laughed because clearly he felt some type of way about it.
“Yeah, I’m going out with him. He asked me to dinner and a movie; I figured why not. He’s nice and always a gentleman when we talk on the phone.”
Brandon let go of me and stepped back.
“Damn, you be talking to the nigga on the phone? When do you have time for that because when I’m here, I don’t see you talking to that nigga,” he said.
This nigga was really tripping. Ain’t this some shit?
I put my flat iron down and turned around.
“Brandon, what’s the issue? Like, I didn’t know I had to run every man I talk to through you. You don’t give me a heads up about every rat from the hood you decide to pick up,” I said to him with an attitude.

“Man all I’m saying is these niggas out here be corny and I don’t to want to see you getting hurt behind any nigga. Not to mention, Tristin only wants to talk to you because you’re my friend,” he said.
All I could do was laugh and walk out the bathroom. This was literally the pot calling the kettle black.

Brandon followed me into the kitchen.
“So, you really going to go on a date with that cornball?” he asked me.
I poured myself a glass of water, and before taking a sip, I answered, “Yup”
Brandon walked towards me and grabbed me by the waist again, but this time he looked me dead in the eyes.
“Ja’la, I value you and what we have, so I’m always going to look out for you,” he said to me, then he gave me a kiss on the forehead and walked out.
When Brandon left, I texted Tristin to find out what time he was going to pick me up.
Hey, hun are we still on for tonight?
He texted back quick.
Yes, I’m a pick you up at 7. Pick a movie and see what time it starts that way we can determine if we are going to eat first or see the movie.
I texted him back okay and went to get dressed.

Tristin picked me up at 7 pm on the dot.
I told him that I wanted to see Fast and Furious 7 and that it was playing at 7:30, so we went and saw the movie first. After, we grabbed a bite to eat. By time we were done eating, it was about 10:30 pm.
“Are you ready to call it a night?” Tristin asked me as he pulled out my chair.
I told him, “No, I’m not in any rush to get home,” which was true because I knew once I got home I would be watching the clock and looking at my phone waiting for Brandon to come over.
Tristin said, “Well, Lala hit me up about that party she is having. We can roll through there if you okay with house parties,” he said to me.
“Sure, let's go,” I told him.
As we drove, Tristin and I laughed and talked. The vibe between us was so great. He told me how much he had been enjoying the time we spent together and all of our phone conversations.
I thanked him for being nothing less than a gentlemen and told him I felt the same way. He didn’t push up on me in a sexual way or make me feel uncomfortable, but our conversation stopped as we pulled up to the party. We saw everyone standing outside and noticed that the cops and ambulance were there.

I quickly jumped out the car.
“Ja’la, where are you going?” Tristin screamed out from the car.
“I got to find Brandon, he was in this party!” I yelled to him as I ran off.
I walked up to multiple people asking had they seen Brandon. Everyone gave me the same answer, “Not since the boys.”
Kendell and Devon had started fighting and then someone’s gun went off and everyone ran.

I quickly spotted Paris standing in the crowd.
“Paris, where is Brandon?’ I asked her, but before she could answer me, they brought a stretcher out.
On it laid Brandon.
I turned back to Paris with tears in my eyes.
“Paris, what the fuck happened? You just left him? Are you fucking stupid?” I screamed as I grabbed her.
“Bitch, get off me! This ain't none of my business and he’s not even my man. He should have ducked like the rest of us,” she said with an attitude as she pulled away from me.

“You ruthless bitch!” I screamed as I lifted my hand with my fist balled to punch her.
Lala grabbed me from behind.
“J, she’s not even worth it. Hoes don’t care about no one wellbeing but their own. Right now, you need to go with Brandon. He got hit in the stomach by a stray bullet that Kendell fired. No one else out here knows him like you do. You got to go make sure he's good and call his mom,” Lala said to me.

I walked over to the ambulance and stopped the last paramedic as she was getting in.
“Excuse me, can I ride with him? I’m his best friend, I can give you all the information you need on him since he’s not conscious.”
She looked at me for a while and then said, “Come on, baby.”
As I started to climb aboard, Tristian grabbed my arm.
“Ja’la, what are you doing?”
I looked at him. “I got to go. I love him.”

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