Part 1 Ayanna and Reggie

I knew it had been a good night when I woke up and couldn’t find my panties or my phone. But that’s was the smallest issue at the moment. It was 2:30 am and I was in the wring bed. “Oh, shit” I said as I rolled over Reggie trying to get out of bed. “You ready for another round.” He said with a smile grabbing my hips. “Reggie I got to go!” I said. “Why?” He asked. I looked at him. “You know why,” I said to him as I slid off his lap.
“Fuck him!” Reggie said as he sat up. “Reggie doesn’t do that, Darius is a good man and a really good friend to you,” I said to him. “But yet you find yourself here multiple times a week making love to me.” He responded I turned and looked at him and then got out of bed and quickly started to grab my stuff. “Listen that came out wrong” he said as he got out of bed and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and kissed my neck.
I moved. “Just help me find my panties and my phone please so I can go home,” I said to him. I started to look around the room frantically. “Come here.” Said as he pulled me over to the bed. He sat on the bed and pulled me between his legs. “I know you love me so I’m not going to ask that. What I will ask is why him and not me?” I said looking me in my eye. “I’m not doing this with you Reggie” I said to him. “Doing what? Answering a question. It’s not that damn hard Ayanna.” He said. I pulled away and went back to looking for myself. “Ayanna” he said from behind me. I picked up the cover that was in a ball on the floor and shook them. “There are my panties” I said when the drop out of the covers. “Ayana” he repeated. I still ignored me and I put my panties on and my sundress.
“Ayanna!” He said sounding like he was getting angry. I kneeled down and looked under the bed. “Found it... can you move the bed so I can get my phone,” I said to him. “Do you not fucking hear me talking to you.” He asked me. “Reggie my phone please I have to go,” I said to him. “Answer me!” He said pulling me up from the floor. He gives me what you can’t! Reggie I love you that I do but you can’t provide for me. You're not stable. This is your third apartment in two years. Now please help me get my phone so I can leave.” I yelled.
Reggie moves the bed and quickly grabbed my phone. I looked down and my eyes got big. I showed the phone to Reggie. Somehow my phone had dialed Darius and the call had been going for over three hours. Reggie looked at me. I mouthed to him. “What should I do.” He shrugged his shoulders and walked away. “Hello?” I said as I put the phone to my ear. But there was no response. “Darius?” I said again still no response. I hung up and walked out of Reggie's room quickly. “Reggie was standing at the door with my shoes and purse in his hands. “What do I do what if he heard us?” I said. Reggie looked at me with a blank stare “not my problem. Remember I can’t provide so why are you expecting me to provide you with an answer.” He said to me. “But Reggie baby” I said. “No buts Ayana.” He said. “I love you!” I said back. “But you will never pick me! Your love comes with terms and conditions and I don’t agree to them.” He said. “Reggie,” I said. He put out his hand that had my belongings in it. “You better go and fix things with your provider.” He said to me. “Reggie listen I’m a go home smooth this over with him and then tomorrow I’m a come-over and make you feel better,” I said as I pressed up against him and rubbed my hand on his face. Reggie grabbed my hand and moved it and he pushed me back. “Don’t bother I won’t be here waiting.” He said as he opened the door. “You're putting me out?” I said as I looked at him confused and I stepped out the door. “No I'm telling you that when you go home to fix your relationship your heart can be clear because he will be the only one.” Then he closed the door. “Reggie!” I yelled “Reggie I love you!” I yelled louder but there was no answer I just seen the lights turn off. 

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