Part 1: Autumn and Harlem

Late night when a woman’s mind starts to wonder seems to be when we women get ourselves in trouble the most with our men. That seemed to be when we got the idea to go throughout men’s phones, pockets and anything else. As I sat here looking at Harlem drunk ass laying across my bed that idea had popped into my mind multiple times. I had never gone through his phone before because my grandma always told me when you go looking for stuff that's when you find it. But I pissed this was the second time this month only that I had gotten all grown and sexy in my lingerie and waited for him to come over and he brought his ass to my house drunk and falling all over the place at almost four in the morning. I wanted to know why he was doing this to me. I was tired of carrying him to my room and undressing his grown ass because he would get to damn drunk to function. The shit wasn’t funny or cute it was stupid and not how I pictured my relationship.

   I sat in my bed thinking I wasn’t sure if Harlem was cheating or if he was just that much of an ass hole and didn’t know how to be in a relationship. As I sat up in bed thinking I could hear Harlem’s phone just going off in his pocket and I was so tempted. A part of me was saying bitch don’t do it you’d be opening Pandora’s box. But then the other side of me was saying; bitch does it, you need answers. this nigga is a well-known hood nigga; light skin, full beard, tattooed, with pretty eyes. So I knew bitches were at him at all times. I just needed to see if he was entertaining these hoes too. I looked at Harlem and shook my head. “Nah, I’m not going to do it. Let me just grab my vibrator and go to the bathroom and handle my business so I can go to sleep like him.

as I grabbed my toy from the top drawer of my nightstand and began to leave the room his phone started to vibrate again and now it seemed like it was just calling my name.i went over and picked up his pants that were on the floor and Doug in his pockets for the phone while keeping my eyes on him just in case he woke up i pulled out the iPhone and looked at it. “now bitch how you going to unlock it?” I mumbled to myself. then I pressed his home button, and the click of the screen opening was like the pearly gates of heaven opening. “oh nigga you bold.” I mumbled as I tiptoed out of the room.  

I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I went to his pictures to see if he had anything in there from these bitches but to my surprise, he didn’t have anything he didn’t have anything, not even nudes I sent him. “yeah that might be clear but what about those text messages.” I said. I went through message after message looking for something. When I got done, it had been an hour, and the 20% battery life left notification was popping up. I stood up and looked at myself. in the mirror “bitch you did went through this man phone for no reason and found nothing with your crazy ass. Everybody is not trying to hurt you, Autumn. now you should go in there and wake that man up with some head.” I said to myself.

as I said that a notification popped up on Harlem’s phone I looked down at the phone that was sitting on the sink. “text now?” I said to myself. I was so ashamed that I had gone through his phone that I never even checked to see what other apps he had on his phone.

I search through his phone for the text now app, and I found that; tinder, plenty of fish and black people meet app. this fool had all the dating app like he wasn’t in a committed relationship. I opened the text now app, and there were messages from plenty of unsaved numbers. I started to click on some of the messages, and there was everything I expected to see; nudes, videos of girls playing with their self and all type of other stuff. I clicked on the text that had just come in, and it said hope you made it to your shorty has safe, and she doesn’t smell me on you. “this nigga got me all the way fucked up.” I said to myself.

I walked out of the bathroom and then back into my bedroom. I was staring Harlem don.  his dumb ass didn’t even know he was in fucking danger. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and went downstairs to the kitchen and called my twin sister. I knew she was going to cuss me out for calling her at 4am, but I need to talk to someone before I let my anger get the best of me and I be sitting in the local jail downtown. I dialed winter’s number, and she answered before the first ring could fully start. “yes Autumn” she said. “bitch this nigga got me all the way fucked up.” I said to her. “say no more I am on the way.” WInter said. Now one thing, I should have kept in mind before calling Winter is that she goes from 0 to 100 real quick. That was one of our many differences. I was the calm twin I always wanted to hear stuff out fully first and figure out the best peaceful manner to handle things. winter, on the other hand, was loud, direct and straight to the business. Guess that way our mom gave us the names she did because although we were identical twins, we were so different. By time winter got to my house I had time to think, and I was calm. I heard her when she pulled into my driveway at high speed, and I meet her at the door before she could start to knock. Winter walked in with her headscarf and pajamas still on and a bat in her hand. “what's up? Where that nigga at? Did he hit you? Where he hit you at? Listen bitch you go low because I’m aiming high with my bat. right at that nigga's head.” she blurted out fast. “lower your tone and come in the kitchen.” I said to her.

winter followed behind me. “bitch if its a dead body in this kitchen I’m a throw-up.” she said “No stupid.” I said. We went into the kitchen and winter looks at me confused. “so what up? You called me and said he got you fucked up and now you sitting here all calm. when I thought I was coming over her to fuck some shit up.” Winter said. “listen to Harlem upstairs sleep.” I said, and winter rolled her eyes it was no secret that she was the furthest thing from a fan of his. “okay and…” she said. “well I went through his phone.” I said “bitch what did you find?” winter asked. I took the phone and opened it and sat it on the kitchen counter with the text now app open. Winter started scrolling through the messages. After looking at a few messages, she looked at me and said “oh bitch he got us fucked up. so what you want to do?” I looked at her and said nothing.

Winter looked at me and said “I know you not about to let his ass get away with this? He out here sending dick pictures to bitches. Bitch if the conversation alone that he’s having with these bitches not disrespectful enough then that should be. He got all these hoes to know what you are getting at home. What kind of man still sends dick pics. that's high school shit.” I interrupted WInter and said, “but I am just as wrong as him because he upstairs drunk and sleeping and I went through his phone.” I said “no hell no, I’m not about to let you do the self-blaming stuff. You are allowed to read anything in your house including his phone, and if he didn't like that then he should have left the shit in his car.” winter said.

“you're crazy,” I said to her. “No I’m really, and that's why I don't have these problems at my house because Keith knows better.” Winter said, “winter I feel bad.” I told her. Well let's make you feel better to let's fuck that nigga up.” she said. “but I still love that man.” I said. “that fine Autumn, you can love him but demand your damn respect and let him know you are not tolerating this bullshit. if he smart you will only have to teach this lesson once.” Winter said.

I stood there thinking Winter was right the reason we were here now was because of the shit I let Harlem get away with. But no more, it was time to get this house in order. I walked over to the kitchen sink and turned on the cold water. “what are you doing?” winter asked looking confused. I went over to the closet I kept my broom and mop in and got the mop bucket. I went back to the sink and filled the bucket up. “you ready?” I said to Winter as I grabbed Harlem’s phone and the bucket. “bitch hold on let me get my bat out the living room.” she said cheesing like a little kid.

I went up to my bedroom and Harlem was still laying across my bed knocked out. I put the phone on the nightstand and took both hands and shouted the bucket of water on him. When the water hit Harlem, he jumped up looking like he was draining. “what the fuck is wrong with you Autumn.” he yelled when he was finally able to talk “your nasty, lying, cheating ass. is what’s wrong with me.” I said  “what the fuck are you talking about man? Yo, my head is spinning, and I’m still drunk. I ain't got time for your shit tonight.” Harlem said, “maybe your head wouldn’t be hurting if you weren't out with hoes tonight when you should have been home with me.” I said “autumn stop playing with me man I don't have time for these games change the sheets so I can go back to sleep.” Harlem said. “I’m not changing shit go lay in that bitch bed that you were with tonight cause I’m sure you already fucked her since she was so worried about me smelling her on you,” I said.

“yo you are pissing me off, and I’m close to slapping the shit out of you.” he said “I wish you might.” winter said standing in the doorway. I took the phone off the nightstand and unlocked it and shot it at him. “next time be smart.” I said to him. “you went through my phone?” Harlem said “she sure did and your ass is busted.” winter said.  “why would you break my privacy and go through my stuff?” Harlem asked. “autumn is this nigga trying to play the victim?” Winter asked. “yo where my shit at? I’m going home.” Harlem said. “no you not your about to tell me why? Why are you cheating on me? Are you not happy?” i said “I’m not doing this with you right now Autumn.” he said as he put on his pants and shirt. “no answer my question” I said as I walked across my bed to get to the side of the room he was getting dressed in. “this is! This is why. Because you don't trust me so why not. Your ass always doing some crazy ass sister.” he said. “you made me like this. your action made me crazy and unable to trust you.” I said to him. “say less I’m out.” he said heading towards the door. Winter stood in front of the doorway. Her and Harlem had a stare down before I finally said “sis he not worth it let him go. it easier for him to run than face what he did wrong.”



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