Part 1: Ashley, Marcus and Robin

See I had been balancing Ashley and Robin for a few years now. Ashley was my main chick. But Robin was the chick I couldn't be without. They both had a place in my life. I actually had a love for them both. They both loved me and adored the ground I walked on because I was a good as nigga.

These girls were totally different from each other. One was shy and passive, while the other was outgoing, aggressive and outspoken. But they both were equally beautiful. Ashley was young and her face showed it. she was light skin with hazel eyes and a thin waist. Robin, on the other hand, was older. she rocked a short hair cut that almost made you think of Halley Berry when you looked at her and she that almond skin.

I met Ashley one day in the mall. I stood back and watched her shop, and watch the guys try to spit their games at her as she came in and out the stores. She paid each of them no mind at all. So I snuck in and took my shot. I walked up to her and introduce myself as Marcus. I complimented her on beauty and asked could I join her as she shop.

We walked the mall talking and making jokes. And to seem like prince charming I carried her bags to take the load off of her. she told me things like she was very regions and still in school. I lied to her an said I went to church too and I'd be graduating soon. I walked her to her car and asked her for her number. Guess that's why they called me lucky because she pulled out a piece a paper and told me to call her.

Time went on and Ashley always remained a good girl. But I modified her to get the thing that I wanted from her. Before I knew I had moved in her place. And waiting to she got married to have sex went out the window. She cooked and cleaned. and I promised to join her in church. Mean while I hung out with my boys on the block and did whatever I wanted.

Robin, on the other hand, I met her while I was in the hood with my boys one day. She was a down ass hood bitch for sure. Her age had her at a point where she knew what she wanted and what she wasn't settling for. she was sitting outside one day when I finally decided to step to her. Her face alone was what made me introduce myself. but when she stood and walked to me while stating "I wonder how long your young as was just going to watch me and not speak. Here's my number, when you are done playing he hit me up", and I seen her ass, that's what made me want to risk it all.

For years life was prefect. Ashley was submissive and gave me the world. In the bedroom, she did whatever it took to please me. I was the first man that she had ever been with sexually. But she was basic. Robin was so dominant that she kept me turned on. she did all the stuff that Ashley knew nothing about and she made it a requirement to please her before I got mine. But she wasn't always available when I called on her. I was living the life most of my boys dreamed about.

But I should have known it was a matter of time before my rain came to an end. After Ashley cousin, Tasha seen me and Robin out at magic city together. That bitch couldn't wait to go and run her mouth to my baby.

Ashley brought it up to me the next day but I told her Robin was my cousin from out of town that I was showing around. Like always Ashley believed me and left the situation alone. but it let me know that I had to move a little bit more careful because the haters were watching now.

A few days later Robin called my phone while I was in the shower. Normally Ashley never bothered my phone but today something took control of her and she answered.

Ashley: Hello?

Robin: Marz?

Ashley: Umm. I think you have the wrong number there's no one here by that name.

Robin: No I have the right number tell Marcus to call me back asap.

Ashley: Who is this?

Robin: Just tell him Robin called. He'll know who I am

Ashley: Oh his cousin, Hey girl. Okay, I'll tell him.

Robin: ha ha ha... his cousin? oh, you must be his old lady, baby is that what he told you?

Ashley: huh? What are you talking about?

Robin: baby I'm not that man cousin I'm his other woman. Or in other words. Your man is my man but only when I want him to be.

Ashley: Once again I think you have the wrong number. I and my man have been together for 4 years. he loves me and has never cheated on me. Please don't call this number back.

Robin: ha ha ha awe I hurt your feelings. I'm sorry. But let me hook you to something. You and your man been together 4 years and me and him have had a thing going on for 3 years. He might have a love for the things you do for him but he's not in love with you. But I will honor your wishes and not call this line back. I would tell you to tell him to call me back. But I'm sure once we hang up you're going to make it your business to mention this call. Which mean I'll see him in my bed tonight once you guys are done arguing. But I promise to send him home at a decent time.

By the time I got out the shower I didn't even stand a chance. I came in the room and Ashley was standing there crying. Her face showed she was way past angry.

Marcus: what's wrong with you bae?

Ashley: Bae? So this is how you do me?

Marcus: Huh? Girl, what are you talking about?

Ashley: I had the honor of speaking to Robin today.

Marcus: What?

Ashley: she called while you were in the shower.

Marcus: Why the fuck are you answering my phone?

Ashley: I brought the damn phone

Marcus: So, that's only because I was down and going through a rough time.

Ashley: Shut the fuck up your dumb ass been down and going through a rough time for the last 3 years.

Marcus: Ashley watch your mouth talking to me like that.

Ashley: Marcus Fuck you

Marcus: Baby come here

Ashley: Marcus gets the hell away from me. you want to cheat with a bitch that bold enough to address me. So no I'm going to address your ass and send you back to her.

Marcus: Ashley what the hell has gotten into you.

Ashley: Nothing has gotten into me, I'm just getting over you.

Marcus: Fuck it then I'm out I don't need you bitch. I made you.

Ashley: ha ha cute real cute. Just make sure you take nothing I brought when you leave here.

I loved the life and home I had created here with Ashley but my pride wouldn't let me stay here after all this. So I packed my bags. Living with actually less then what I came into the situation with over 4 years ago. But it didn't hit me until I got outside to my car and Ashley came behind me and took the keys. Although the money I hustled up paid the car note; the car, the insurance and registration was all in her name.

I walked from Ashley house to Robin house in deep thought. When I got to Robin's front door I pulled myself together I couldn't let her see that I felt like the foundation I had built with both of them was breaking right underneath me.

I knocked on the door and Robin opened it. I went to kiss her and she turned her head and gave me her check.

Marcus: Man I knew everything that happens. So don't act like that. I choose you over her. You're the real woman I need. Now, are you going to let me in?

Robin: Oh no baby, this is not your home and this is not where you belong.

Marcus: Man stops playing with me. Let me in

Robin: everything has a cause and effect. you hurt that girl and she probably was a great woman. Now here you are standing on my porch, with a bag full of clothes looking for your next place to rest your head. But one thing I know for sure is the way I got you will be the way I lose you and that why I never gave us a chance to grow past what we were. Now you have to deal with the things you cause to happen. That girl will have to deal with the hurt she feels for putting her trust in you. And I will deal with being the mother of the seed you put in me.

Robin closed the door.

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