Part 1: Annette and Teddy

I had been riding with and for Teddy for a while now; years, to be exact. And I had to say I couldn’t be happier. This might not have been the lifestyle my mother dreamed for me. I wasn’t married, and I didn’t have kids, but I loved my life. I had my chocolate bearded chubby teddy bear to share it with, and that was the best part.
Most people thought of Teddy as this tough guy because he didn’t smile a lot or at all to some people; when we were out and about, and he was all business. But that was all for the people on the outside. Behind closed doors, I got the real him that was beneath all the tattoos. When it’s just us at home enjoying each other, that man couldn’t hide or stop showing me that bottom row of gold teeth he had, and I loved he was that open with me.
My homegirls always made jokes about Teddy and me when we first got together. They would ask me how could I be with a fat guy like him. Or that we looked like the updated version of Lil Kim and Biggie. they would even go as far as asking If I was scared, he was going to smush me while we were having sex. But it was okay because while they were cracking jokes, I was well taken care of sexually, financially I, and in any other way Teddy could. When my girls saw that and how when they were with me, they got that same treatment as well. They understood and were trying to ride the wave whenever Teddy and I stepped out. But I always made it clear to everyone that if the money was to dry up today, I would still be with Teddy because he was more than a great provider. I was with him because fat or not, he always smelled good, was dressed in the fliest gear, his dick was huge, and his heart was pure. He gave me some of the best sex I had had in my life, and every position we tried was a success despite his belly. He did shit to me that a skinny nigga had never done. In my eyes, how he treated me was just the icing on the cake.
I loved the life I lived, but don’t get me wrong, I completely understood that it came with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Teddy treated me like a queen and made sure I never felt like any chick could compete with me or even sit next to me in his eyes. But I knew he had other hoes. I mean, he sold drugs. That alone made bitches come no matter what he looked like, and the fact that he kept himself up brought more hoes. But I normally didn’t pressure him about it because there was never a night he didn’t come home. Or a time I needed him, and he didn’t show up. But every so often there was a bitch that wanted to try me, and I had to step out of my comfort zone and remind them who I was.
After being together for so long, it had become normal that Teddy would go out with his boys. And every now and again, if I and my girls wanted to have fun, we would meet them out at the club and have all the hoes hating on us as we sat in the V.I.P section like royalty.
Tonight, was one of those nights. I had gotten bored at home, so I text Juanita, which turned into me, Shay, Niqua, Juanita, and me in our best outfits and walking into the club dressed to impress, like always. When my girls and I stepped into a building, we didn’t just turn heads when we stepped in the building; we broke necks. We were the center of attention. We danced our way through the club to the V.I.P section. When we started getting close, I could see one of the bottle girls leaning over in Teddy’s face whispering into his ear and he was smiling.
Now, multiple things were going through my head as we approached. One was that this fool wasn’t even being careful about his shit. I had told him that the girls and I were coming, and he text back and said OKAY. But what was more disturbing was that this bitch had my nigga smiling. The nigga that only smiled for me. His ass was smiling like a kid in a candy store. But I couldn’t flip out because my girls were with me. The bouncers let us into the V.I.P section, and Teddy didn’t even see me coming his way because he was too busy entertaining this hoe. I walked up boldly between the two of them and kissed Teddy. “Hey baby,” I said. Then I turned around and looked at the bottle girl that was standing there grilling me.
“You can go get me a bottle of Remy and bring some cranberry juice back with it.” I said, looking her up and down, hoping that she was getting the hint of who the fuck I was. She looked at me and didn’t move. “Matter a fact, make that a bottle of Remy and a bottle of Cîroc.,” I said and turned around to keep talking to Teddy. But I couldn’t help but feel like someone was breathing down my neck. I spun back around. "Damn bitch, you still here? Bottles, go get them bottles, girl.” I said, snapping my fingers in her face. “Annette stop! Egypt. Can you please go get the bottles she requested” Teddy said.
The girl stood there for a few more moments and then walked off and I sat down next to Teddy. “So, we know these hoe’s by name now?’ I asked. “Nette, not tonight, baby. Let’s just have fun and enjoy the night. Your bottles will be here shortly, and you and your girls can turn up on me all night like always,” he said with an attitude. I looked at him and said nothing. I just got ready to behave like he was indirectly telling me to do. I looked over and my girls were looking me up and down and shame started to come over me.
I got up and walked over to the balconing where my girls were standing and looking down at the people on the dance floor. “You good” Juanita asked. I got a bottle of Remy and Cîroc coming,” I said loudly so they could hear me over the music and completely ignoring the question asked. Shay looked at me. "You good?” she asked, repeating Juanita’s question. “Yeah, I’m cool. I’m a handle his ass when we get home.” I said, trying to sound tough, and then I started to dance and try to brush off the vibe I had.
I had to love how my girls were down to ride for me. We had a union, and we were loyal to it. No matter how different we were, we all played an important role in this friendship, and that’s what kept us bonded together. Juanita was the mean friend. We were all well over 21, but Juanita was still the one always willing to fight at the drop of a dime, and it didn’t even have to be her fight. It didn’t matter which one of us you were trying to argue with, I could bet money that Juanita was going to be the one to hit you first. Shay was more of the mellow/shy friend. She was seen but not heard, and she was probably smarter than all of us. So, when she did speak, we all listened. Niqua was the party girl out of us all. This was understandable because she was a stripper, so she was always down to shake her ass whether people were throwing money at her. Then there was me. The Simple way to put it about me was I was the friend who had my shit together not to beep my own horn. I had finished college and had no baby or baby daddy to worry about. I lived in the house I always wanted, and I drove a BMW.
I saw the girl Egypt and another bottle girl heading back to our section with our bottles. I went back and sat next to Teddy, like a queen sitting next to her king on the throne. The two females walked up and sat the bottles down. Then one girl walked away, but Egypt stayed behind. “Is there anything else I can get you?” she said in a flirty voice while looking at Teddy. “Nah, he good love, enjoy your night,” I said, letting her know she was dismissed. Egypt looked over at me and rolled her eyes, then turned back to Teddy. “Teddy dismiss this hoe before I turn this club upside down.” I said loud and clear. “Annette, chill the fuck out. I am not going to tell you again. Or your ass can go home.” he said as if he was my damn daddy.
“Yeah, or you can go home,” Egypt repeated. My anger had finally hit the boiling point. “Bitch, how about I beat your ass to a bloody pulse before I go,” I said, trying to raise out of my seat. Teddy put his arm out. “Chill I said” he yelled. By this time, Juanita had made her way near us and the bottle. The girl did not even realize that she was in choke a hoe reach. Egypt leaned in and said to Teddy, “you sure there’s nothing else I can do for you.” She said, provoking me and smiling. At that moment, all I saw was red. I put my foot up, forgetting I had a bodycon dress on, and placed my foot right on Egypt’s chest and backed her up out of Teddy’s face. “Bitch, didn’t I say bye.” I said.
That gave fuel to the fire. “Did this bitch just put her foot on me?” Egypt yelled. Before she could bust a move, Juanita hit Egypt over the head with one of the bottles off the table. Glass flew everywhere as Egypt’s friends came rushing into the V.I.P section. my girls and I were whooping these bitches’ asses as they charged up. While Teddy and his boys stood watching and laughing for a while until they saw the bouncers approaching and they tried to get all of us separated. “As the bouncer pulled Egypt away, she kept screaming, “That bitch does not know who I am, she better watch her back. You better tell her about me, Teddy.”
Teddy pulled me up and dragged me out of the club and got me in his car. Teddy sped off just as we started to hear police sirens approaching. “Teddy, you’re leaving my damn car.” I said. “Shut up. We wouldn’t be leaving if your ass didn’t have to show out.” Teddy said. “No, we wouldn’t be leaving if you put that hoe in check from the jump. You let her disrespect me repeatedly. Instead of you putting her in her place, your ass was trying to control me like I’m some child when you should have been checking her.” I said to him. “You were acting like a child, so what do you expect. Your ass act like I don’t come home to you. I keep telling you, don’t let these bitches get under your skin. How can I correct a bitch when you don’t give me the opportunity as a man to do so.” Teddy yelled. “Fuck you. You’re not going to blame this shit on me. This was all you. fault you have more than enough time to correct that hoe. But from the way she was acting, you know the hoe, and that’s why she was so comfortable doing the shit she did. So, tell me, are you fuckn her?” I said as I sat in the passenger seat and crossed my arms.
Teddy didn’t say anything, he just kept looking forward as he drove. “Silence,” I said as I nodded my head, and I pulled my phone out. My girls were blowing my phone up. As I started to dial Juanita’s number, a call from Shay came through, so I answered. “y’all good” I asked. “Yes, we are outside the club. Where are you at?” Shay said. “With Teddy halfway home.” I said, rolling my eyes at him as he drove. “Damn how are we supposed to get home?” Shay said. “My keys are in the armrest of the car still. Just hit the 2 and 4 buttons on the door and it will unlock and then tomorrow bring me my car.” I said to her. Shay agreed that she would drop the girls off and then in the morning bring me my car.
We got home, and I was giving Teddy the silent treatment with a lot of eye rolls. We got into bed after both of us showered and Teddy cuddled up and laid on me as if nothing had happened just an hour ago. I pushed his head. “Nah, not tonight,” I said. “Man, cut the shit. What are you still mad for.” he said. “If you don’t see the issue, Teddy, I’m not about to sit here and explain it to you at all.” I said as I pulled the covers over me and gave him my back. “Man,” he said. “Man, my ass teddy, who is that bitch!” I said loudly as I turned back to him. “She is who I say she is.” He replied as he laid on his back, looking at the ceiling. Well, you ain’t say nothing yet about who she is.” I said back. “Exactly, because she’s nothing.” He said. “You fucked her?” I asked, bringing my question from the car back up. Teddy got silent again. “Nah nigga, don’t be hush-hush now. Tell me. Be real with me.” I said to him. “That shit doesn’t matter, Annette. I come home to you every night, you Trippin.” He said. “Nah, that shit matters. You out here fuckn me raw and doing God knows what with these bitches give me respect enough to know the truth.” I said
Teddy sat up and pulled the cover off me and the bed and threw them to the floor. He pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me and began to kiss my neck. “No stop; answer my question,” I said, trying to fight him off and act like it didn’t feel good, but he ignored me. He kissed all the way down to my collarbone and then took off the T-shirt I had on after my shower, leaving me completely naked. With my breast out, nipples hard, and freshly waxed pussy open. He cupped his hand around my breast and then took each one in his mouth, one at a time. “Teddy, get off me.” I said in almost a moaning tone.” stop fighting me,” he said as he lifted his head off my breast.” No, I wanna talk,” I said.” Let me apologize.” He said as he kissed further down and then lick down my stomach to the top of my pelvis. Then he kissed my left thigh and over to my right thigh and started to kiss further to my inner thigh. And the tension got high, and I could feel my breathing change.
” Teddy,” I said, but he was already all in. He kissed my vagina so gently. And then he took his one hand and rubbed his finger over it before separating my pussy lips. Once he had them open, he rubbed his finger over my clit, and I let out a sigh of relief. It was something about how this man touched me. Teddy’s tongue hit my clit and my fight was gone. I melted on his tongue and let him have his way with me.
Teddy ate my pussy like a man on death row getting his last meal. And I was all for it. I wrapped my legs around his neck and put my hand on the top of his hand and didn’t let him go until I was ready. If he was going to apologize in this way, I was going to get all I could. Once I bust my nut, I let Teddy go. He got off the bed and pulled me by my legs to the end of the bed and, like a train entering a tunnel, he stuck his dick in me with no worrying. But I didn’t fight it. Instead, I put my legs up and watched my baby do his thang.

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