Part 1 Angelice

As I sat at my work desk damn near in tears, not even sure why I came into this damn call center today. There was nothing I wanted more than to be wrapped up in his arms and soak in the feeling he gave me that made me never want to leave his arms. As his creed cologne took me to a high that even ecstasy couldn’t touch. And made me feel like this love we shared was so pure that it was stronger than that they had in love Jones.
But the reality was as much as I desired and craved him. Shyne was gone. And although it was only going to be for a five-year bid, it seemed like forever in my head and between my legs. “Angelice you good girl?” my co-worker Nay asked, taking me from my thoughts as she stood and looked over our cubicles at me. I looked up from my phone. I had been looking at under my desk at her and said nothing.
“Thinking of him? Girl, I know the feeling. You know my baby daddy is doing his second bid and I miss him every day.” she said. Now I had grown to love Nay and the relationship we had, but the difference between her man and mine was that her man was in there for some shit he actually did. Mine wasn’t.
I looked back down at my phone, at the picture of Shyne and I; I kept on my lock screen. We were so happy, and now we were so far apart. “Girl, just go home. I don’t know why you even bothered to come in. You know these bitches in here just waiting to be in your business. They just sentenced Shyne to five years yesterday; no one is expecting you to be here. Plus, you’re three months pregnant. Your life has just changed in a major way.” I nodded my head because she was right. I had a million things on my mind, and none of them had anything to do with taking calls and helping these customers with their bills. But I figured coming to work would distract me and keep me from crying anymore.
“You’re right. I think I’m just going home. My mind not even here right now.” I said as I stood up and scanned the call center floor for my manager. With him nowhere in sight, I sat back down and typed up an email saying I was sick because of the baby and had to go. I would call my doctor later to get a note.
I grabbed my purse and said my goodbyes to Nay before heading out. I walked through the parking lot to my car, taking in the fall breeze, when I noticed something on my car. I instantly got an attitude, thinking someone had left trash on my all-white Nissan Altima. But when I got closer, I realized it was flowers. I picked them up the red roses and admired them for a while as I searched for a card. “I wonder who Shyne got to do this for me.” I said, smiling from ear to ear. I breathed in deep as I put the flowers to my nose to smell them.
I knew you would like them." a voice said from behind me, and the smile I had quickly faded from my face. “Why the hell are you at my job, Rell? And what type of sick, twisted game are you trying to play with these flowers?” I said, turning to face him. Rell gave me this evil smirk before saying. “I figured since your boy won’t be able to do little nice things for you for a while since he is doing that five-year bid and all, I’d be nice and bring you some flowers.”
“We both know I don’t want shit from you, Rell. and how the fuck did you know where I am.” I said to him, “unlike ol boy, I always know where you are and what you’re doing. He answered. I walked up to Rell and pushed the flowers into his chest. “You can have these shits.” I said as he looked at the flowers and then let them fall to the ground when I let them go." And just so we are clear, you’re not about to sit here and disrespect me, or my manlike Shyne isn’t doing a five-year bid because of you." I said to him,
Rell laughed a little as he rubbed his hand over his face. “Yeah, you’re right. I did that. But Angelica, it’s really all your fault with your fine ass. You let me sample that good shit and now a brotha is sprung.” he said, like this shit was a joke. Then rubbed his hand across my face, sending chills through my body. “Fuck you.” I said to him, “you did that already. That’s why we are here.” he responded. “You’re sick! I can’t stand you and don’t see how I was ever attracted to you ass or even let you in my body.” I said, looking Rell up and down in disgust.
Rell moved the sunglasses he had on to the top of his head and then leaned toward me. He licked the left side of my face as he placed his hand around my neck and applied pressure. I tried to back up away from him and bumped into my car. I put my hands on him to try and loosen his grip. “Stop playing with me before I really show you what I can do.” He whispered in my ear.
A tear rolled down my cheek, and I heard a woman’s voice. “Hey get off her like that.” a white woman said. Rell turned and looked at her, and then back at me. “Get your hands the fuck off of me before I scream and acting a fool out here in this parking lot. I’m pretty sure cop abusing pregnant women won’t be a great headline. Matter a fact, neither will the officer harass women after testifying against her boyfriend in court the day before.” I said to him with all the strength I could muster up and trying not to show him any fear.
Rell let me go and waved at the lady. She walked off, and he turned his attention back to me. He rubbed his hand on my face again “baby relax I wouldn’t hurt you. I’ve worked too hard to have you all to myself to do that.” he said with a wink. I spit directly in his face. “Get away from me.” I screamed, and Rell backed up and wiped his face.
I hit the lock on my keys and opened my car door. Rell grabbed my arm as I was getting in, and I prepared to shield my stomach, if nothing else. But Rell just looked me in my eyes as he said, “Don’t fight this Angelice just let it happen. I know I’ve messed up in the past, but I’m different now. I’m better now. I love you and I know you love me and miss me.” He said to me,
“If you are better now and you love me like you say you do, then take your high yellow ass to the police station and tell your boss you lied and get Shyne out of jail. And let me be happy.” I pleaded. This evil and deranged look came over Rell’s face. But it quickly washed away to show a smile. “You want that little nigga so bad. Why? He’s not me. He’s beneath me. He could never do for you what I can.”
I interrupted Rell as he said, “he did something you couldn’t do right.” “What was that?” Rell asked. “He loved me,” I said. My words must have hit deep because Rell’s grip loosens, and I got into my car. “That may be true, but how much will he love you when I prove that the baby you’re carrying is mine. I’m telling you it is easier to just do what I want than to fight against me. I always get what I want in the end.” he said as he bent down in the door of my car. He stood up, smiled at me, pushed his glasses down, and then walked away.
When I was alone, I closed my car door and let out all the tears. It was one thing to fuck up my life messing with Rell. But I never in a million years wanted to fuck up Shyne’s life, too. He deserved so much better than me. This shit was unbelievable and clear that Rell would not stop. As the thoughts went to my head, I punched and hit the steering wheel as I cried.

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