Part 1: Amber, Dave and Rico

I was sitting in a women's empowerment meeting when the lady leading the meeting called me out. "Amber what's your story, tell us why your here." I sat there in silence for a moment. Then I finally I spoke " well I'm dating Mr. Right but I'm in love with Mr. Wrong.

The whole room looked at me and then I realized how crazy what I just said sounded. But hell it was my truth. I was dating Dave and things were good. He was a knight in shining armor. He was everything I had dreamed of; he was confident, courageous, he listened to me when I talked, he paid attention to details, he was humble and he was a well-respected lawyer. I had a love for him; I mean we had been together for a few years now and we lived together. but from time to time I stepped out on him with Rico.

I was in love with Rico; in the words of Ms. Mary J Blige, I love my Mr. Wrong. I met Rico in the club one night when Dave was out of town on business. I needed to let down my hair and not pretend to be perfect like I normally had to do when Dave and I went out. Rico wasn't my normal pick but something about him pulled me into him. After two years messing around, finding out about his multiple kids and baby moms, his name and rep in the streets, that he still lived at his momma house, and his anger and control issue I'm still here holding on to him.

The lady sitting to the left of me asked "so why are you here?" the honest answer was because I was tired of living a double life. I was lying to the both of these guys and honestly felt like I was on my way to getting caught. I mean I could only keep telling Dave I was with my sister or my sister had my car so many time before he runs into her and she blows my cover. Or worse he sees Rico driving my car that is insured in Dave's name and Dave pays the car note for.

But I wasn't about to tell these hoes that; I don't know them to completely air my dirty laundry. So, I flashed my ring and said "Well my Mr. Right proposed. But I can't leave my Mr. Wrong alone." "why not?" the same girl asked. "honesty my lady box screams out for him," I answered her. Rico makes love to me in a way that Dave doesn't. He's down for it whenever and where ever; in the car, in the park, 69 or anal. I looked around the room to see the ladies reactions. They all had a facial expression that let me know that they weren't judging me or what I was saying.

Now don't get me wrong Mr. Right was packing and he had a good stroke game. But everything was so routine and predictable. At home, in the bed with the lights off. Always in the missionary position, and about 10 or 15 strokes and he was good. He was never willing to change up or take a risk. All I wanted was for him to simply lose control a little bit.

That why he and Rico were so different. The two of them were like night and day. And although the night was a little scary, I loved the thrill it brought. But we all know you can't live in the nightlife forever. So, it was the time that I prepare myself for the light of day.

The meeting progressed and I listened to all of these ladies stories. Some had been head over hills for some men, and other had hit their lowest point trying to keep a man. When the meeting let out I drove home thinking of all the things I had heard. It was just more of a sign that I needed to get it together and quick.

As I drove home my phone began to ring. I looked and it was Rico. "hey zaddy." I said cheerfully when I answered the phone. "where are you" he barked into the phone. "On my way home." I told him. "bring your ass over now!" Rico commanded. "But Rico I have to.." Rico interrupted me "I didn't ask you what you had to do. Get here now!" Rico said and then hung up.

I busted a U-turn and headed to me and Rico's normal meeting spot. Shortly after I parked my car I saw Rico's car pulling up behind me quickly. He jumped out his car and came and got into mine.

"Hey baby, " I said to him as I leaned over to give him a hug and kiss. "fuck all that nice shit," he said as he mushed me. "I need 5 stacks and I need it in 48 hours. " Rico was normally a little aggressive in how he talked but never like this. "Rico I don't have $5,000. where am I supposed to get that type of money for you baby." I said to Rico.

Rico pulled out his gun and sat it on his lap. I looked and for the first time, I feared Rico. "bitch stop playing with me. Get the Fuckin money from Dave." I looked at him with big eyes "How do you know about Dave."

Rico started to laugh "he's my cousin stupid. my mom showed me yall wedding invites the other day. so, imagine my thoughts when I see the bitch I've fucking and my cousin engagement pictures." I started to cry. "Rico why are you doing this, do our two years together mean nothing to you." Rico busted out laugh "AWW hoe you thought I loved you? man go get my money from Dave or I'm a kill you and him. but not before I tell him that I been fucking his finance for the last two years."

My heart was literally on my feet at this point. "Rico I can't just get 5 stacks out of him. he going to want to know what the money is for." I cried out to him. Rico looked at me with a rage in his eyes. "Bitch that ain't my problem tells him it's for that fuckn wedding. Or shit tells him the truth its to keep a bullet out the both of yall asses." Rico said as he got out my car.

I drove home shaking. I didn't know what to do or how the hell I was going to get $5,00 out of Dave to give to Rico. When I pulled up in our driveway I didn't see Dave's car. I sat in the car for a while and wiped my face while I thought. Then I got an idea I would take all the expensive jewelry Dave got me and some of his and I'd pawn it. Then I would buy all the jewelry back one by one as I got the money and before Dave realize anything was missing.

I went to the house an grabbed a bag. I quickly started to put as much stuff as I can that I thought would equal up to $5,000. When I heard Dave's car in the driveway I stuffed the bag under our bed and rushed to meet him at the door.

I greeted him the way I always did, cheerfully and with a kiss. "Hey baby, how was your day?" "it was great, you are looking at the new partner at the firm," Dave said proudly. I jumped up and down rejoicing. "baby girl go get dress we are going out to celebrate." he told me.

I pulled out a sexy black dress and laid it on the bed. Then my phone started to ring. I told Dave that he could go ahead and jump in the shower first, that it was my sister and I wanted to talk to her. Once I heard Dave close the bathroom door I answered my phone. "Hello," I said. "bitch you got my money yet?" Rico yelled at me. "No, not yet I'm getting it." Rico hung up.

Dave came out the bathroom and I went in. I shower and come out. When I walked into the room I saw the bag of jewelry on the bed and Dave was looking at me. "amber whats this?" he asked. "huh?" I said while I stood there wrapped in a towel looking stupid. I was thinking of what to say but my mind had gone completely blank. "huh? that's was my thought too when my cuff link rolled under the bed and I went to get it and found this." dave said

I burst into tears. Dave looked at me confused and walked over to hold me. "Amber please tell me whats going on. Whatever it is we can work it out." I looked at Dave and said, "you might want to have a seat."

He sat on the edge of the bed and I started to pour out everything. When I was done he sat there in silence for a while. Then he stood and grabbed his wallet and his keys off the dresser. "Baby where are you going?" I asked him. "I'm going to pay this dummy the $5,00 he's asking for. Because he is that stupid to kill me and you over a quick dollar. And I love you too much to let that happen."

I smiled and walked over to my Superman to give him a kiss. But Dave pushed me back and said: "you need to start backing." I looked at him a confused. "huh?" I said to him. "Pack your stuff Amber," he said loudly. I started to cry again "I thought you said we can work through this." Dave looked at me and shook his head as he said "the cheating I could have worked through. But with him...." "because he's your cousin." I said with my head down. "Nah because he's HIA positive and I don't like my life being at risk." 

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