Part 1 Alex

I had two sides of me. one was nice and cheerful and loved everyone. Then there was the other side of me, that could possibly put fear into a grown man’s heart and make him cry with just the things I say. That I sometimes scared myself so I tried not to be her. I strive to be and remain the nice me but there were times when I had to go from Alex to Alexandria and there was nothing nice about that.
But tonight I was her. I was “that bitch”! And I had to admit I was scared about what was about to happen. Some people had to be coached. Or have some put a battery put in there back for them to even be half the bitch I was but for me, it came naturally I was born that bitch. And it was scary because that part of me didn’t give a damn about anything or no one. All it took was my father Damien giving me the okay and I was like a pit bull on my shit. I played no games when it came to my daddy. If he said to get you, you were definitely going to get got. and tonight he gave me just that ok.
As I drove my Infiniti Qx60 through the street to my destination Patting on my steering wheel trying to ease my nerves as I flashed back to the conversation I and my father had just had hours ago. “So you going to tuck your tail and hide and be used because of a fuckn friend Alexandria? I did not raise a weak mind woman that gets in her feelings and bitch up. I raised a Got damn beast that knows this is a dog eat dog world. You better eat before you get eaten cause right now that bitch just stole your plate and you in the corner crying.” He said to me. Ever since I could remember my dad talked to me like this. He was uncensored and straight to the point. My mom would try to make me stop before she died but once she passed he really didn’t sugar code anything.
“But she’s my friend,” I said with tears in my eyes. “Friends! Friends! Fuck that she ain’t loyal.” He said to me as he put his blunt down and walked around his desk to where I was sitting and stood in front of me. “Handle this or I will handle you and her.” He told me. My heart dropped a little bit. I left my father's house and made a few calls because anyone that knows Damien Louis knows that he doesn’t make threats. If he says something he meant it.
I pulled up to an apartment building I owed and I parked my car on the side. I opened the car door. And my heart started to beat loudly with every step I took in my Christin Louie buttons. I walked in the building and went up to the 2nd floor where two men were standing outside a door guarding it. I took off my black sunglasses off and put them in my purse. “Terrell, Monty,” I said addressing the men. “What’s up Alex,” Terrell said back as Monty gave me a head nodded. “She in there?” I asked? “Yeah, picking her up was easy as hell. She was right on the block like you said she would be.”Terrell answered. “Okay,” I said stepping forward. Monty opened the door and they both followed me inside. I looked around the apartment as I walked over to the kitchen area and I took my bag off and set it on the counter.
I had owned this apartment building for three years. My boyfriend Cameron and I supposed to get them fixed up for people to move into them but when his pretty ass realized he was gonna have to get his hands dirty he ignored any conversation about this investment. But it didn’t shock me. His ass spent more money then he made.
I looked over at the blindfolded young lady sitting in the middle of the living room tied up with an empty chair in front of her. I walked over and sat in the empty chair. And nodded for the guys to take the blindfold off and Monty pulled it off.
Tamiya looked around trying to adjust her eyes before looking at me and then looking at Terrell and Monty standing behind her.” Alex, what are we doing here? What’s going on? Did you really have these niggas kidnap me” She asked. “Well, Tamiya this my dear is what I call payback,” I said to her in a high pitch sarcastic voice. “Payback? Payback for what?” She asked stuttering. I lend forward and rested my elbows on my thighs. “I know stupid normally works for you but not today,” I told her. “Listen Alex if this is about me sleeping with Cameron I’m sorry. Things happen and one thing leads to another.” She said pleading her case. “Fucking your best friend man in her bed does just fuckn happen!” I yelled. Monty and Terrell’s eyes got big and so did Tamiya.
In the years we had been friends Tamiya had never heard me raise my voice or seen me in this light before. I talked my shit but anger wasn’t normally an emotion I displayed to anyone. “Alex I’m sorry,” she said putting her head down.
“You are very sorry. You're a sorry excuse for a best friend, sorry excuse for a woman. Damn sure a sorry ass excuse for a mother and from what Cameron tells me a sorry excuse for a side bitch.” I said. “I deserve all that.” She said. “Bitch shut up that’s not half of what you deserve. I trusted your ass. Here I am thinking we really friends. Every time I win it was like you won too because you were benefiting off of it. Any time you were hurt or down and out I picked you up. I was a real friend to you. But you were just a jealous bitch tagging along and the first chance you seen to get something that I had you took it. It’s sad if you wanted to taste my pussy all you had to do was ask. Because every time you sucked Cameron dick or kissed his lips that’s exactly what you were doing. But that's not even what this shit is about because one thing about a dog is he always comes home. And since Cameron knows he ain’t shit without me that's exactly what he did… Now I’m asked this one time. And I do mean once Tamiya. Who the fuck did you have to rob my damn house and where is my shit.” I said to her. “Alex I don’t know what you talking about.” She said with her eye wide and shaking her head. I laughed a little and then looked at the guys and said “this bitch think I’m stupid she thinks I don’t know anything. So let me help her dumb as put the pieces to the damn puzzle. I put a roof over this bitch head when she was homeless. She fucks my man and then Two weeks after I put her ass out my house for fuckn him my house gets robbed and they do it with Ease. Turned the alarm off, knew when no one would be in the house so they could to come in the house. They even knew How to avoid the cameras and exactly where everything was.” Tamiya start repeating over and over again “it wasn’t me I swear I didn’t do it”
“See the crazy part is the streets talk and everyone has their price and for the right price you can find out anything. So i do know that you might not have gone in the house and took the stuff but I know you ordered the job to be done.” I said, “I didn’t do it.” She said. I stood up and backhand her. “Stop with the damn lying all your going to do is piss me off more and make it worse on yourself. just tell me where my shit is.” I said to her. She cried out “I don’t know.” “Give me your gun!” I told Terrell. He took his gun from his side and handed it to me. I sat back down and put the gun on my lap. “Alex you can’t be serious.” She said with tears rolling down her eyes. “Serious as a heart attack,” I told her. “You're going to pull a gun on me over a robbery I had nothing to do with.” She said to me. “See just pulling the gun out on you is for weak bitches. Me my dear I will kill you because you seem to think I’m playing and I’m Not!” I said. “You can just file an insurance claim.” She said to me. I laughed bitch you can’t file an insurance claim on $10,000 of drug money or $5,000 of drugs that are missing.” I said to her she looked down and let out a deep breath. “Alex you have to believe me I didn’t do it.” She said. “See the only issue about that is it believes you or believe my daddy and Damien Louis don’t fuckn lie about his money or his drugs.” Tamiya quickly looked up and looked at me with her eyes big. “Your dad is The Damien Louis?” She asked “yes!” I answered quickly
“Alex listen I don’t know where the stuff is that was taken from you.” I took the gun off my lap and cocked it. “You gonna keep playing with me?” I asked her as I pointed the gun towards her. “Alex please no don’t! What about my son, your godson? What about Kenny?” She said. “He’ll be fine I’ll raise him. Not his fault his momma ain’t shit. He’s better off without you.” I said. “Alex what about your baby? you're a pregnant woman, not a murder.” She said to me. I stood up with my Hand on my round belly. I had been so angry that the presence of my own child wasn’t even in my mind.
“Alex you don’t want this on your heart that you killed your best friend,” Tamiya said. “We stopped being best friends when you thought it was cool for us to share a man.” I said, “Tamiya please don’t nothing good will come from this.” She said, “Let find out.” I said as i point the gun straight at her head. And the guys moved out the way. “It wasn’t me all I did was set it up like I was told to. It was all Cameron’s idea he knows what they did with the stuff.” She screamed.
I nodded my head. “Thank you,” I said to her. “Can you let me out these restraints now.” She asked. “Nope,” I said as I put two bullets in her head with a straight face. Tamiya’s body flew back in the chair and she bleed out on the floor. I walked over and kneeled down and closed her eyes. “It shouldn’t have had to end like this” I whispered. I stood up and I handed Terrell his gun back.
I walked over and grabbed my purse off the counter and exited the apartment. Monty and Terrell followed me. “Damn Alex you just like your daddy,” Terrell said laughing as we headed back the stairs. “Some things are just in you no matter what you do. “ I told him as I walked down the stairs with a blank stare on my face. We step outside “Is that gun registered?” I asked. Terrell laughed “do it look like I got a registered gun, I’m a hood baby I got one more strike and they locking my ass up for good they not giving nigga’s like me guns.” He said. “Will those bullets in her trace back to you and possibly me?” I asked. “I just told you one more strike and I’m done. Hell Nah they don’t traceback. Terrell answered. I nodded my head.
Monty looked at me and asked “what now? You want to go pick up Cameron?” He asked I stood there thinking for a while. Then finally I said “Nah I’ll handle my baby daddy. Just handle that mess upstairs.” I said looking around. “What you want us to do?” Terrell asked. “I don’t care to burn this bitch down if you want I got insurance I’ll get a check for it just make sure there’s nothing left of that mess to tie it to me,” I said to them. “Yes Ma’am,” Monty said in a joking way. “Yo if you next in line to take over when your daddy dies mutha fucker better lookout i think you got Damien beat. Your pretty and smart, Not to mention You completely get rid of evidence that nigga just buries the bodies. The world not ready for no boss chick like you.” Terrell said. I didn’t respond to his statement I took my glasses out my purse and put them on. I headed back to my car. “Boss one last thing,” Monty yelled out. “What’s up?” I said as I turned around.”Payment” they both said with their hands out. I reached in my purse and pulled out to envelopes. “$2,000 a piece as agreed on and another $500 as a bonus,” I said to them. “Hell yeah, these niggas ain’t ready for a boss chick like you,” Monty said smiling as he looked in the envelope. “We all set?” I asked. “Hell yeah consider everything else taken care of,” Terrell said. I said okay and walked to my car, got in, and pulled off.

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