Part 1 Adrianna, Brian and Stefan

My phone started to ring and I looked over at my husband. The lights from the candles I had lit around our bedroom were making his skin shine. After three rounds of making love, he was knocked out to the point he was snoring. My phone kept ringing. I picked it up, looked at the caller ID, and then got out of bed.
I went to the bathroom and closed the door. I turned on the sink water. The phone stopped ringing and then it started again. “Hello,” I said in a real low tone. “So your ass didn’t see me calling you?” I heard Brian say in his deep voice. “I was busy with my husband,” I said, still trying to keep my voice low.
“I don't give a fuck about that nigga. Fuck him. When I call you, answer. You already know that sht. Dont get crazy cause its ya birthday and that nigga got you feeling yourself.” Brain said. “It's even like honey. I'd just say I was busy with my husband” I repeated. “Man bring you ass outside.” Brian commanded. “Outside? Outside where?” I asked, sounding nervous. “Adrianna bring your ass outside or I’m coming inside.” He said with his deep voice scaring me a little. “Nigga you outside my house?” I said as I creeped out of the bathroom to the living room to look out the front window. There was Brain’s truck. “Man my husband is in here don’t you start no shit.” I said to him. “Bring your ass” before I could say anything Brian hung up.
A piece of me wanted to act like that call never happened and just crawl back into bed with my husband Stefan. But after a month of having an affair with Brian, I knew that this man was actually crazy enough to walk up to my front door ring the doorbell, and tell Stefan everything just because I didn’t do what he said when he said it. And seeing that he was already mad I was ignoring his calls I didn’t need to add to the fire.
I went back to the bedroom and Stefan was still sound asleep. I looked at my husband for a moment and then down at the upgraded wedding ring he had just given me as a birthday gift. I didn’t deserve this man. I really needed to do better. Stefan and I had been together 8 years. 5 of them we dated and 3 of them we had been married. 6 out of the 8 years I wasn’t happy but I couldn’t leave. My momma taught me you don't leave a good man that provides, comes home every night, follows the lord full-heartedly just because he was boring, and didn’t keep you pleased sexually.
I went over to my dresser, grabbed some leggings and a shirt, and went to the bathroom to put them on without waking Stefan. When I came out of the bathroom I blew out all the candles and kissed Stefan. He didn't even wake up; he just rolled over and pulled the covers up more on his naked body. I went out of our bedroom and to the front door. I grabbed my keys and then slid on my Nike flip flops. And then walked out and locked the door behind me.
Brian was sitting in his truck smoking a blunt across the street from my house with the driver side window down. He was looking at me the same way Snoop dog looked at Tyrese in baby boy as I walked up to the car. I climb in on the passenger side. Brian rolled up his window and then took a sip of his drink he had in his red cup.
Pop smoke had a song called the woo and Brain was the exact nigga he was talking about in that song. He was always really calm. But you knew not to fuck with him because he was a big dude. When he spoke his deep voice commanded attention. And the way he carried himself was so sexy. Always well dressed with chains around his neck, rings on his finger, etc.
“Brain you can not be popping up at my house like this. I am married.” I said to him. “What did you call me?” he asked “Brain?” I said confused. “So now I'm Brain instead of bae. Okay’ he said as he nodded his head and put the truck in drive. “I'm sorry but you know what I meant and where are we going.” Stefan in the house sleep he took tonight off to be with me for my birthday he gonna flp if he wakes up and I’m gone.” I said nervously. Brain looked away from the road and over at me. “Do I look worried or concerned about that nigga.” he asked. “But I am. He’s my husband” I told him. “You dont be worried about that nigga being ya husband with your riding this dick.” Brain said, still look forward. “You're right and I’m wrong for that. But that man loves me. I can’t keep doing this.” I said to him.
“And I love you too, so... mention that nigga to me again and see what happens.” Brain said real calm as he looked at me and then back at the road. “You love me?” I asked him. “That's what I said right,” Brain asked. I said nothing. I sat back and put my seat belt on. Then I looked at my phone and tried to come up with something to send to Stefan just in case he woke up. Finally, I sent:
Bae, I wasn't feeling too good so I ran to the 24-hour spot to get some ginger ale and meds For this nausea and some fresh air. I tried to wake you before I left but you wouldn’t wake up. I love you.

I figured that would buy me some time if he woke up. I looked over at Brain and he had a straight face on still hitting his blunt in between taking sips from his cup.
We arrived at Brain's house and he pulled into his garage. “Bae as much as I want to be here with you right now I can't. I need to go home.” I said, “get out.” Brain said ignoring everything that came out of my mouth. He got out of the truck and I watched his 6’1 tattooed body walk around the truck to the door leading into the house. He stopped and looked at me.
I took my seat belt off and got out of the truck. Brain opened the door to the house and I was blown away. There were candles everywhere, along with white, red, and pink rose petals. Brain took my hand and led me through his house to the bedroom. Stefan didn’t even go all out for me like this. I got half ass dick from him, my ring; nothing romantic.
We got to the bedroom and there were tons of gifts on the bed, along with lingerie and money. Happy birthday, baby.” Brain said. I stood there in amazement as I looked around. Brain walked over and took his gun from behind him and put it on his dresser and then walked over to the bed and grabbed the lingerie. “Go slide this on so we can start our night.” I shook my head no. “What do you mean?” he asked me, sounding angry. “I can't,” I said.
Brain took a seat on the edge of the bed. “Come here Adrianna.” he said with his hand out. I didn’t move. “You fucked that nigga?” he asked. “He’s my husband, what do you expect?” I said. “I don't even care. That nigga not me. We are not even in the same lane. You see this shit, I did this when I could have been in these streets making money. Just one of these gifts I got you cost more than that little upgraded ring he gave you.” I looked down at my hand. “Yeah I peeped it. It doesn't matter. Go take a shower and put that lingerie on and let me help you celebrate your birthday cause clearly that nigga didn’t do you right or you’d be sleep.”
Brain stood up and walked over to me. “Listen i can care less that you fucked the corny nigga. I know he doesn't satisfy you like I do. You told me yourself you couldn’t remember the last time you had an organism until I came along.” Brain said as he wrapped his arm around my waist. I wasn’t sure if it was how good this man always smelled, the way his arms made me feel so safe, or how handsome and tattooed he was that got my panties super wet.
Brain put his hand under my chin and brought it up and stared into my eyes before kissing me passionately. As we kissed he slid his hand in my legging. The way he massaged my clit made it hard for me to say no to him. “Fuck the lingerie get undressed” Brain said looking me in my eyes and i followed his request.

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