Part 1: Adam and Destiny

Finding love was hard but staying in love through all the bull shit was even harder. Especially when it's not just you two in the relationship and everyone else feel like their input matters to your relationship and you have to respect and care about other people's feelings. I guess that what I get for falling for a mommas boy I should have been a little bit more cheerful when I prayed to god for a good man. I told God to send me a man that loved his momma and treated her good that way I knew he would do the same for me. I got just what I asked for Adam is a good man. Maybe even a great man.  But

his momma…. Well, Ms. Carrie is a whole other subject.

   “Adam… Destiny… Y'all dressed?” I heard Adam’s mom say from outside our bedroom door. I rolled over and looked at the clock. it was only seven in the morning on a Saturday. “oh hell nah.” I mumbled and I rolled over to Adam. “Bae your mom at the door and it's only seven; can you please see what she want because you know she not going to go away until you do and I just went to bed two hours ago after working on the fifty-page paper,” I said to Adam in a bit of a whining voice. adam said nothing so I pushed him. “just ignore her she’ll go away.” he said with his eyes still closed.  “I can hear Y'all I hope Y'all know that.” Ms. Carrie said with an attitude from outside the door.

   I sat up in the bed and threw my hands up in the air “ms. Carrie, what do you need?” I said “I want to go to the public market.” she said back. “you are more than free to take one of the cars.” I said back to her. “I don't want to drive those race cars, they go to fast and if I crash Y'all not about to be mad at me.” she said. in the inside I was screaming because all I wanted to do was sleep and the person that should have been up handling this was laying next to me sleep like he couldn’t hear anything. “do you have to go right now?” i asked. “I could go later but then all the good stuff will be gone and it would have defected the purpose of even going,” she said.

   I pushed Adam again but a little harder than time. “Get up. I said in a deep voice. “Momma gives me some time I will take you,” Adam said still with his eyes closed. “Adam are you making me wait so you can lay up with that girl. I’m ya momma, had I not carried you for 9 months and gone through 24 hours of labor to push your 10 pounds 5 ounces butt out she wouldn’t have anyone to lay up with.” said she. “why am I always the person to blame” I whispered.

   Adam took a deep breath and sat up next to me. I looked at him and mouthed to him Handle that. “momma I’m coming out, let me get dressed.” he said “I’ll be waiting downstairs.” she said sounding more cheerful and I could only imagine the smile she had on her face. I laid back down and Adam crawled out of bed. “man she killing me.” he said, “you moved her in here.” I said back to him. “yeah but that was because I thought it was going to stop all over the craziness. I mean before we moved her in here she was here every day like she lived here. Adam said. “yes I remember. But now she here and still just doing stuff. do you know while I was up doing my paper last night I heard her praying against the demon of unmarried living and sex that we are committing.” I said to him. “since I know my momma I sure would not put it past her.” he said standing in the closet shaking his head.

   “something got to give, baby. I feel like we are kids in her house instead of adults on our own. I’m a grown ass man and I’m not getting no ass in my own house because we are scared my momma will hear this can’t be life.” Adam said as he slid on some sweatpants. I started to laugh a little. “ I mean it's not like I don't want to but it so hard to get freaky while your momma is in the house,” I said to him. Adam came and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. “I am going to ask you something and I want you to be completely honest with me. how do you feel about my momma being here?” he asked. “I am okay with your mom being here because I know how much she means to you. I answered. “that's not what I'm asking you Destiny baby. this is our house, your home. I want to know how do you feel.” he said. “Honestly I feel like your mom doesn’t not like me and she makes sure she does anything she can o remind me of that. so I am very uncomfortable in my own home but to make sure you are happy I will deal with it because I love you.” I said to him.

   Adama kissed me “I’ll handle it. I promise” he said. Then he got up and put on a hoodie. he grabbed his wallet and keys and began to walk out of the room. then I called out his name and stopped him “Adam baby?” he turned around and looked at me. “yes.” he answered, “can you do me a favor while you're out.” I asked. “yes, of course. what do you need?”  he said. “get me some fresh fruit while you're at the public market so I can make those smoothies and fruit salads you like. Once you do that PLEASE find somewhere your momma can go tonight so we can have some alone time. I said then winked him. “I can definitely handle both of those tasks for you. he said with a smile from ear to ear.

   I listened as Ms. Carrie and Adam left and then I laid back and went back to sleep. Working and being in school was rough on me but I knew it was going to pay off in the long run especially because I had Adam supporting me the whole way and I couldn’t appreciate him enough for that. I laid in bed playing with my phone until I finally dozed off and my phone started to ring. I looked at the caller ID and it was Adam, I figured it was him asking if I need anything else while he was out so I answered. “hello?” I answered. He said nothing but I could hear talking in the background. “Adam?” I said but still, there was no reply. I was about to hang up when I heard my name being said, “Momma you have to show me and Destiny some respect.” he said. “I don't have to show that little girl nothing she’s just a  temporary leach living off of you.” Ms. Carrie said.

   I sat up in bed with an attitude. “mom she’s not a leach or living off of me. we are partners she helped me to get to where I am right now. she sacrificed for me by working two jobs and holding us down while I was finishing school.” Adam corrected his mom. “yeah and since you got your master’s and started making more money building the websites and programs for the companies she has been dead weight on you.  she’s only working part-time. I never see her cook and she doesn’t even try to have a relationship with me.” Ms. Carrie said. I wanted to scream in the phone for her to mind her business and stop trying to analyze our relationship but I stayed quiet.

   “Momma you have to understand that this not how it was back in the day. you have no idea what's going on between me and Destiny or if she is pulling her weight or not. we are living very our own rules and what works for us. she’s working part-time because we talked about it and discussed it and agreed that when I was done with my degree and was able to hold down our expenses she could cut back and focus on getting her education; while knowing that I completely with no question support her, because she put her time in.” Adam said

   “That damn right, put some respect on my name. I put my time in.” I said on my side of the phone. “yeah but she still doesn't cook and that's just lazy. it's in a woman characteristic to cook and feed her family.” Ms. Carrie said. “mom you making it sound like she can’t cook.” Adam said. “well I haven’t seen any proof that she can.” Ms.Carrie said back. “Mom do you that I actually like to cook? Let me be clear Destiny doesn’t cook anymore because she knows that it is something that I love and brings me joy. So she allows me to do what makes me happy. And mom before you bring up Destiny not having a relationship with you, you got to think do you show yourself friendly and approachable for her to feel comfortable with having a relationship with you.” Adam said. “I don’t have to do nothing I’m your momma and if she wants to be with you she needs to win me over.” Ms. Carrie said. “Mom that's not how it works, its Destiny and me in a relationship she doesn’t have to win you over when she has already won my heart she just has to respect you. Which she does. we moved you into our home and I honestly feel like you go out your way to make Destiny uncomfortable in her own home and that's plain evil and childish momma.”

it felt good to hear Adam defend me and kinda put his mom in check and because I was nowhere around there was no way she could say I was forcing him to do it. “ I think you keep forgetting Adam I am your momma I can be in your house if I want if that makes her uncomfortable or have a problem with me being in my son house she needs to get over it or get out,” she said. I rolled my eyes. “mom do you  hear yourself? it's not just your son house. its destiny’s and mine, her name is on the mortgage papers just like mine just like the cars and every other bill in that house so respect her momma.” Adam explained. “Adam I don’t like her, I don't want you with her, I want her out that house and out our lives.” Ms. Carrie said in a forceful way.

I hung up the phone not wanting to hear no more. I sat in our bed looking around I could not figure out what I had done to this woman that was so bad that she didn’t want to see her son happy with me. I had silently sacrificed so much for him and this relationship. From the way Ms. Carrie talk to me and taught me to not having my own mom around. but I did it because I understood, in the long run, it was best for the both of us. but I was fed up and I was sure if I could take it anymore I refused to keep stay where I didn't want or was being disrespected. But at the same time, I could not ask Adam to choose between me and his mother.

I got up and pulled some suitcases out the closet then went into the bathroom. I showered and got dress then began to pack my clothes. if I only left here with clothes that were fine. they could have everything else and be a happy mother-son couple without me in the way. as I finished packing and carried my bags downstairs the front door opened and Adam and I looked at each other eye to eye. that was of course before Ms.Carrie came in “your leaving?” she said smiling. I looked at her and walked down the stairs. “where are you going, baby?” Adam asked. “Adam I can’t do this no more.” I said as I started to cry. “see son I told you she wasn’t really for you.” Ms. Carrie said with her hands on her hips. “Destiny baby let's go upstairs and talk,” Adam said as he approached me and tried to take the suit rase out my hand. “No she's right she told you and when you pocket dialed me today I got to hear it all. I don't want to deal with this she doesn't’ like me and she’s not going to like me. I don't want you in this situation stressed out because your trying to make your momma happy and me as well so I’ll remove myself.” I said, “good1 we don't need you here anyways I was here before you and I will always be here for my son.” Ms.Carrie said. I just looked at her and went back to walking towards the door. “Momma please hush! Destiny baby wait. you are what makes me whole the reason I get out of bed some days and I strive to be a better man. without you, there is no me and none of this shit matters, not this house, not those cars nothing. I’m not letting you walk away, if you walk out this house I will follow you out this house and to where ever you think you're starting over. I will give up the house,  the cars the degrees even the money to keep you in my life.” Adam said.

“Adam baby that sweet but this is not about the materialistic things. this is about family. you can’t have peace in your home if your family is divided. Right now I’m just your girlfriend your family is your mom, she’s all you got and your all she has.” I said “you are just as much my family as my mother is. if my mother can’t learn to love my soon to be wife with her so-called Christian heart than she will have to leave our home. because my momma can’t love me the way you do Destiny.” he said. “Soon to be wife?” I asked “yeah what you mean soon to be wife Adam? you ask that girl to marry you?” Ms. Carrie asked. Adam looked at her and said “well this was not how I pictured it going but….” he looked back at me and took the bags out my hands and kneeled down on one Knee. “destiny will you do me the honor of sharing my last name and becoming my wife.”

My tears of sadness turned into tears of joy as I nodded my head as I tried to get my words to come out. “yes, yes, yes!” I screamed. Adama placed the most beautiful ring I ever saw on my finger and we kissed. as we hugged it was clear to see that Ms. Carrie was unhappy about this decision her son had made without her approval. But that did not matter at that moment because love won.


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