Part 1: Aaron and Whitney

It was confusing to how women behaved. Before I got with Tyasia no female wanted me or paid me any attention. When I met Tyasia I was thrilled. My cousin had hooked us up on a blind date trying to play hitch. Although she was different then the women I am normally attracted to I felt a vibe between us so I perused her. But the vibe we had didn’t keep us together long. After a year and a half and countless effort to fight for us I gave walked away from tyasia and got the title of being a low down dirty dog.

It was shocking to hear myself describe in such a way. Me, the church boy, the momma’s boy. Me, a low down dirty dog. The honest truth was that when we were together I adored Tyasia. I seen potential in her that she didn’t see in herself. I listened to her and did my best to show her I was her for her. She told me about her rough life growing up and how it was still rough for her. So, I opened her to a new world.

I brought her to church with me, even though she didn’t like it or truly understand why we went.  Then I moved her into my place so money could stop being an issue for her. I honestly showed her that in this relationship her problem were my problems and I’d do anything for her. I even brought her all new clothes to her build the image as a business woman she said she wanted to have. Once she had the look I introduced her to new people that could help her reach her goal of opening a spa.

But none of that mattered or was even good enough. She still cheated on me with some local drug dealer. I was so hurt. After all I did for her. I put her out and tired to regroup and move forward. But then the lies began. Tyasia ended up telling her friends that she actually found me cheating on her and chose to leave me. I was labeled and a there was nothing I could do about because female always believe each other.

That what started the label. But even with being known as a dog girls were flooding my inbox on Facebook, Instagram or snapchat left and right. Must of them knew about me and Tyasia. They were even bold even to ask me about her and if we were still involved. And when I answered no they would send me nudes and offer me their bodies. It was cool because for once the church boy was getting more pussy then ever imagined.

But with as many women I had recycling through my bed I still felt alone. It was a feeling I couldn’t even explain to my home boys because they were so busy praising me for the women I was encountering. It was something I couldn’t explain. I had some of the baddest females out in my town, but I honestly desired someone to call my own.

But with the experience I had with Tyasia and my previous ex maybe I wasn’t the dating type and just needed to be single and live this play boy life style. I mean it was way easier because it was all most of these women walked anyway now and days. No one wanted a relationship anymore or the good dude with his stuff together.

Then I came across Whitney. Her beauty was like a breath of fresh air. She wasn’t dressed like other that looked like they were trying to be the next big Instagram model. She was new to town and had joined my church. I watched her for a few Sundays and it hit me this was the perfect situation. She didn’t know of my past and I could complete be my self without someone already having a picture in their mind of who I am.

I approached her after church on a random Sunday and asked her out for coffee. I had already prepared myself for her to say no but to my surprise she agreed. We went to a local coffee shop and talked she told me how she had got a accounting job offer here making more money and that why she was here. I praised her for making the decision to move to better herself in her career. She told me that she really moved for a fresh start. After her and her ex had gone through a rough break up, she figure this was the prefect time to leave her home town because he was the only thing holding her there.

I asked her more questions just picking her brain and getting to know her. and it seemed like she was doing the same because while I was asking her questions she was throwing them right back at me. I told her I was a 28-year-old real estate agent. And the only boy my parents had out of four kids and over 30 years of marriage. She was shocked that my parents were still together. She said she didn’t see that much where she was from. Then she went on to tell me that she was living out of a hotel suite but she was looking to buy a house and get settled in. so I set up our next date for us to go house hunting.

House hunting got us more familiar and comfortable with each other. “so, Whitney what do you think of this house?” I asked her as we stood in the tenth house we had seen in almost 2 months. “Its cute” she said. “What’s missing? There 4 bedrooms, the marble counter tops, the double sink in the master bedroom like you wanted.” I said as I looked at her list of wants I had made in my iPhone from all our meetings. “No, the house is beautiful don’t get me wrong. I love it. But do you think maybe it’s too much? I feel like this house will remind me of how lonely I actually am.” She said.

Here was my opportunity. I had been trying to plan it out for weeks; how I was going to make my move. But with every meeting, luncheon or dinner date there was never a clear shot to try and run out of the friend zone.

“Whitney have you tires dating?” I asked her. “oh my god Aaron yes and I’ve so bad out here. I’ve been on a few dates since I’ve gotten here but it seems like the only thing men want to do is jump in bed with you and that’s not what I want. I want more. I want someone that’s thinking ling term. That’s thinking beyond a few minutes of sexual pleasure. I want the guy that wants to blow my mind before blowing out my back. That’s want to be my friend and my lover. Who wants to show me off in public; not just met up in private. I want that real love that Mary J Blige sings about Aaron. And I don’t want to look stupid while trying to get it.” Whitney told me.

“Well you know we’ve been vibing while researching for a new home. Maybe you should give me a try.” I said to her. Whitney looked at me. “Aaron no disrespect but my friend Aisha already told me about you. How you did her cousin Tyasia.” I rolled my eyes as she talked. I had waited to long and these talking hens had gotten in her ear. “well if you don’t mind me asking how did I get brought up in conversation?” I asked. I was just wondering how my name was brought up this time to dragged through the mud.

“Well we were talking at work and she asked me how was the house hunting going and what realtor I was dealing with and I told her you. She told me to be careful because you liked to charm women and then cheat on them once you had them.” She told me.

This was it I had to put the lies to bed. Whitney was to good of a woman to just pass up. “Whitney, I didn’t cheat on Tyasia. She was a hoe I tired to turn into a house wife that went wrong. After doing everything I could to prove my love to her she still cheated on me with a drug dealer name Ace. But none of that matters because I would never hurt you. I’ve wanted you since I first laid eyes on you. If you give me a chance I will cherish, adore and flaunt you like the queen you are. I want to share a throne with you, I want to grow old and have a forever love with you “I told her.

Whitney looked away silently and I instantly started to feel like I made a mistake by saying all of that. “Whitney I’m sorry just forget I said anything.” I said as I started to walk away with my head down. “No Aaron I am flattered. I’ve been attracted to you since we met. I’ve been saying I didn’t like the houses just so we could spend more time together. I don’t care what anyone has to say about you. I want to be yours” I smile and she walked over and kissed me. At that moment I felt like the luckiest man ever.

Time went on and me and Whitney were doing great. But of course, with the good comes the bad. I had been calling and texting Whitney all day because I hadn’t heard from her since last night before she was stepped out with her friends for a lady’s night. And that wasn’t like her to be MIA so I figure I’d pop up and bring her lunch at work. But when I arrived they told me she had called in for the day.

So, I went over to Whitney house just to make sure she was okay. When she opened the door I immediately seen that her arm was in a sling. “baby what happened?” I asked concerned while trying to reach out and touch her but she move. “you should know” she said with a attitude. I looked at her confused and walked towards her. “baby what are you talking about? What happen to you?” I asked her. Then she pushed me back.

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tyasia last night. She couldn’t wait to tell me how she knew exactly who I was because you had told her all about me when yall occasionally had sex recently.” Whitney said. “Bae that crazy. I’m not having sex with that girl. I haven’t even seen her. her cousin probably told her about us.” I said trying to plead my case. “I don’t want to hear it hear it Aaron. I didn’t sign up for this. I told you from the jump that I didn’t want to look stupid while trying to love someone and then this happened. You can go be a zoo keeper because that exactly what that hood rat need. She got mad because I wouldn’t feed into her telling me while was having sex. And when I asked her if she wanted a cookie since she was so proud to be the side chick she jumped across the club table at me. And this is all your fault.” Whitney yelled at me with tears in her eyes.

I never meant for her to get hurt or would have ever thought that Tyasia would go this far. “baby listen! I will fix it. Just believe me I haven’t done anything with that girl.” I pleaded with her. “Aaron, I don’t care! Have a nice life.” she said as she closed the door on me. I banged on her front door while yelling with tears in my eyes “Whitney baby please! Don’t do this to me. I don’t want to be alone. I need you, I love you.!”

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