Part 1 Saharah and Nyla

The room smelled of shea butter mixed with bath and body works. After a long day on my feet at work, I came home to a bubble bath, a massage, and now slow head. The feeling going through my body was causing me to escape into sexual bliss.
The sexual sounds filled the room like a good R&B song, and I was in heaven as I gripped the sheets, I let my eye close, and began to feel my soul leave my body. “Damn, Kahil '' I moaned out, and my eyes instantly opened as the room came to a standstill.
“Saharah, I know damn well you didn’t just call me Kahlil,” Nyla said as she sat up and looked at me. “I didn't mean to; it just slipped out.” I pleaded with her. She rolled her eyes, and I knew me getting my nut was over, Nyla moved away from me to the edge of the bed, and I sat up. She grabbed her robe off the floor and put it on.
“Please don't do this,” I said to her. “Do what??” she asked. “Get one of your attitudes. You spent your time making everything so romantic.” I said, “and you fucked it all up in one moment.” she said back to me. “Nyla,” I said. “What? It's been 5 years, and you're still thinking about a man that is not here when I am. Call me crazy, but I think I have every damn right to have an attitude.” she said to me before she blew out the candles on the nightstand, grabbed her phone and went to the bathroom, and slammed the door closed behind her.
“Nyla, I never lied to you. You know the situation, and you know how I feel. He's gone, but my heart is still with him.” I said, “But yet you giving me the pussy.” she opened the bathroom door and said. I threw myself back on the pillows and covered my face as if I was screaming.
This shit was going too far; Nyla and I were never supposed to be here. But we had enough to worry about then to be stuck on her attitude or this stuationship we had going on. I laid in bed thinking. Eight years ago, I moved here and met Nyla at school. We kicked it off, and she was my ace. We were both struggling to pay bills with a school refund check, so we moved in together, and like so many other females in the past, we became strippers at night at Kahlil’s club and nursing students by day. Kahlil took a liking to me, and one thing led to another. After all, was said and done, I became his girl. But I didn't stop sliding down that pole. I wanted to provide for myself. My dad had always raised me not to need a man, and just because Kahlil had money didn't mean I was going to let him take care of me. He already thought he owned me as it was.
Now here we are years later. Nyla had got a taste of the money and gave up on being a nurse. She said she made more shaking her ass. I managed to finish school early and get a job as a nurse in the emergency department. If that wasn’t enough on my plate with Kahlil being gone, me and Nyla were running the club too.
As I lay in bed, I heard Nyla's phone ring. She answered, but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. A few moments later, the bathroom opened. “Get up. You got to come to the club with me tonight,” she said. “Why?” I asked her with my eyebrow raised. “Because Dirty Red wants to meet with us,” she informed me.
“Hell no. meet with us for what? You know I don't like him. Not to mention I’m tired and not in the mood for no shit.” i said to her. “I dont got time to be going back an forth with you Sharrah the nigga said it money invovled and you know we don’t make any move in regards to money without both of us being there.” she said. I sucked my teeth and threw back the covers.
Nyla closed the bathroom door and heard the shower come on. I got out of bed and took off my nightgown. I walked into the bathroom and watched the water drip off Nyla's chocolate curvy body for a while.
I finally joined her in the shower, and she turned to face me. I took her breasts into my hands and sucked on them before finally saying. “I’m sorry.” “are you really?” she asked. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it,” I responded to her as I rubbed my hand on her body. “It's crazy how you can lie with a straight face,” she said to me after all I've done for you and us. You going to really try to lie to me and then use sex like it's supposed to distract me from reality.” she said.
“I wasn’t using sex and im not lying. It's crazy that you would even say that to me.” I said to her. “What crazy is the way ou care about a nigga taht did us wrong.” she said “okay and he’s paying for that. Remember he’s in jail because of us. But I can't change how I feel.” I said. “He’s in jail because of you. I wanted to killed him.” she said with a straight face.
“Nyla, listen , let's go to this meeting and then come home and I’ll make it all up to you.” I said to her in my flirty voice. “Nah im good you tired and got to work in the morning remember.” She turned away from me and started to wash up.
At this point, she was not changing her attitude, so I washed and quickly got out of the shower. When I got out, it was 6:30. The club opened at 8 pm. I wanted to get this meeting out the way and be gone before people started to show up at the club.
As I jumped to get into my jeans, I noticed Nyla sliding into a sexy red dress. “Where are you going in that? '' I asked. “To work,” she answered as she searched her jewelry box. “Nyla, stop…'' I was cut off mid-sentence when my phone started to ring. “Ya man is calling, '' she said. I quickly answered the phone and sat on the edge of the bed while looking at Nyla.
“You have a collect call from… Khalil. To accept press 1. I quickly pressed 1 and instantly heard “what's up, shorty” when the call connected. “Nothing, just getting dressed,'' I told him. “Where you going?” he asked, “to the club.” “why? Where is Nyla's ass at? I know you worked today. You need to be getting your rest. She can…'' I cut him off. “We are both going to the club. Some business needs to be handled by both of us.” I said.
“Sahara, keep your hands to yourself, don't go up there snatching no one's wig off,” he said, laughing. I laughed with him as I told him. “It's not even that type of business, and I'm not that type of person anymore.” “oh, okay, well make sure you watch that bitch you know she is sneaky and I don't trust her. I still think she had something to do with me being in here,” he said. I looked up, and Nyla was grilling me.
I quickly looked away. “Did you get the package i sent?” i asked, changing the subject “yeah, I appreciate the way you look out for a nigga.” he said. “Hang up the phone, inmate.” i heard someone say in the background. “I'm not hanging up shit; it's my time,” Kahlil answered. “Hang up the phone, inmate.” the voice said louder. “Listen baby girl these fucking cops tripping i got to go but make sure you watch your back with her,” he told me, and then the call went dead before I could even say goodbye.
“What he wanted?” Nyla asked in an annoyed tone. “Same ol, same ol,” I told her, brushing off the conversation. I grabbed a crop top and threw it on. I slid on some shoes and grabbed my purse. Nyla grabbed her, and we were out the door.
When we arrived at the club, Dirty Red was already sitting outside smoking and waiting. I rolled my eyes at the site of him. “What do you want?” I said when we stepped out of the car, and he came over to us. “Now I know that's not how you do business; Kahlil taught you better than that. Let's go inside and talk,” he said. I looked over at Nyla, and she nodded.
Nyla patted him down, then we opened up the club and traveled back to our office. When we got there, I took my seat behind the desk, and Nyla sat on the edge of the desk and dug into her purse. She took out her gun and sat it on the desk facing DIrty Red as he sat down. “Act stupid if you want to,” Nyla said, looking at him.
“Now what do you want?” I asked. “For y'all to do a job for me.” “Nigga what?” Nyla said. “Its a big time nigga come to town I want y'all to do y'all little bad bitch trick on like y'all did me and get him for the product he has y'all can have the money.” he said. “Man, we don't know what you are talking about so you can go ahead and leave.” I said. “Man im not fucking stupid. Y'all asses went to the hotel with me making it like we was going to fuck and the next morning I woke up with my money and shit messing. So the way I see it y'all owe me. ” Dirty Red said.
Nyla and I looked at each other. “Listen Kahlil and you already handled that shit you thought we did to you. So its in the fucking past we don’t owe you shit.” i said to him. “Kahlil ain't here so you bitches do owe me. So y'all either hit this nigga and get my shit or im hit y'all asses with the karma y'all fucking deserve.” he said.
I looked at Nyla, and she was sizing DIrty Red up. “I'll give y'all time to discuss it. But I need to know by tomorrow what's up. The nigga will be here this weekend.” he said as he stood and began to leave. He got to the door, turned around, and looked at us with a smirk. “I'm sure y'all can use the money. I heard Kahlil’s on his way home, and he knows what y'all did.”

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