Monica Part 5

As Delray and I stood there toe to toe, giving each other a stare down like no one was around, hate for him grew in my heart. “So which do you want me to fuck your sister or your best friend?” I said to him boldly. Jail had taught me that people would walk all over you if you let them, and after all the time I had spent in there making sure that didn’t happen, I was damn sure not about to let that happen now.

I looked across the club, and Erica was so busy shaking her ass and drinking that she was paying no attention to her man. The thought that Delray probably had been cheating on my sister for the longest pissed me off. Cause there was no way in hell that I was the first person he did that with. I got mad and madder as I looked at Delray’s goofy-ass stand in front of me; my sister deserved so much better. “You wouldn’t do that?” Delray finally said to me with his jaw tight, as if I was supposed to be scared. “Wanna find out?” I told him in a cocky voice, raising my eyebrows.

“Moe, don’t try me,” he said in a stern voice. “Oh, I’m not going to try you. I'm a try your sister and then ya mans. Or maybe I will try your man’s first and let your sister lick up what he leaves behind.” I said to him. “I will….” he said, getting closer to me." you will what?" I interrupted him to get closer to him, to let him know I was totally different from what he used to. “Moe, don’t try me.” he repeated again.

“First off, stop calling me Moe. It's Monica to you. Second, I'm not your child and I'm damn sure not scared of you, so don’t threaten me. And third, you shouldn’t try me. You need to leave me alone and get out my face and go back over there to my sister and pay her some attention because it's only a matter of time before she leaves your goofy ass.” I said. Delray took another step closer and whispered in my ear, “you know if we weren’t in this damn club I’d choke the shit out of you.” he said and then backed up and looked me in my eyes. “Please do it! I dare you because I'm a shut this damn club down and be smiling in my next mugshot.” I said to him.

Delray laughed a little. “Relax, Moe; you don’t have to act tough,” Delray said. “Bye, Delray I said, turning away from him and leaning on the bar, watching Terryl help the bartenders make some drinks. Delray leaned next to me. “What are you scared of? You don’t have to worry about your sister. She loves me. She loves me so much I got her wrapped around my finger. There is nothing I want she won’t give me and nothing I do she won’t forgive, believe me. So like I said, don’t try me, Moe. I would hate to see you homeless with no family to count on. Believe me; it’s more beneficial to play my way.” Delray said.

I stared at him, not even sure what to say to him. All I wonder was who the fuck had raised this man to think he was that nigga. That he was so untouchable. I wanted to tell Erica more than ever now what happened. That way, she could leave his silly ass. Even if that meant she would hate me too, I just didn’t want to see her going out like that with someone like him.

“Everything all good over here?” Terry asked as he approached us with two drinks in his hand. “Everything is all well?” I asked, looking at Delray. “Yeah, just trying to get to know my sister-in-law.” Delray said, smiling. “Well, I grabbed your drink from the bartender and sent two more bottles over to the table.” Terryl said, handing Delray one of the drinks. “Thanks bro, let me head back to my shorty.” Delray said. Then looking me up and down before walking away.

Terryl and I watched for a while as Delray walked away before he finally looked at me and said. “Are you sure you're okay?” “yeah I’m good.” I said, nodding my head. “Looks like whatever y’all were talking about was pretty heated.” he said to me. “He’s an ass.” I said back. “Listen, Stone comes off a little rough, but he’s a good dude. When I was a kid, he lived next door to my grandma's house. He was holding me down as long as I can remember. When I wanted to open this place, he gave me the money and never mentioned being a partner or even getting it back.” Terryl told me. “Mmhm even the devil did good sometimes,” I responded. “Look at you being the over protective sister.” Terryl said, laughing. “I'm always protecting Erica.” I said. “You realize Erica is now old enough to protect herself, right?” he said, still smiling. “And…” I said back. “I’m just saying.” he said, putting his hands up. “You will never understand your only child.” I told him. “Maybe you're right,” I said back to me and then handed me the last drink he had in his hand.

I took a sip of the drink as I watched Delray and Erica at the table. Erica was smiling from ear to ear. But I took away my focus on them cause I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched. I turned and looked at Terryl. “Why are you just staring at me?” I asked him. “I'm just amazed by your beauty.” he said to me. I blushed and bit down on my straw. Terryl lifted my head to look at him. “Don’t tell me big bad Moe is shy.” he said to me. “Maybe just a little,” I responded.

“Well, don’t be shy around me. It's not like you're not supposed to be mine right now, anyway.” he said to me. “Is that so?” I said to him. “You know it is. But its cool. Your still going to be mine.” he said, I had to admit his cockiness on top of his sex appeal was turning me on. And my pussy was getting wet. “Want to go back to the table?” I asked him, trying to change the subject so I can get myself together. “sure, but you ain’t slick… I’m going to have you as my own.” he said to me. “We will see,” I said to him with a smile as I rubbed my hand on his face and then walked off.

He followed behind me, and I gave him something to watch with every step I took. We got back to the table, and I sat down, and Terryl sat next to me, whispering in my ear and making me smile just like Erica. I could help but feel Toy burning a hole into the side of my face, but I paid her no mind.

Mila J Main came on, and Erica got out of her seat. “Lets go dance sis.” she said, pulling me out of my seat before I could answer. It felt like we were kids for a few minutes, and no one else was around as me and Erica danced and sang along on the dance floor.

This girl that I came here with, dat my main

The one that’s sharing these drinks, dat my main

The one celebrating her birthday, dat my main

Yeah, that’s my number 1 chick, dat my main

The one that always had my back, dat my main

When me and my bae broke up, dat my main

She beat a chick upon sight, dat my main

And don’t let her get turnt up, dat my main

She my hitter for a reason, oh oh oh

I can tell her all my secrets, oh

‘Cause I know that she gone keep ‘em, oh oh oh

Can’t nothing come between us, oh oh oh

When the song was over, we laughed and hugged, and I told Erica to go to the bathroom with me. And she followed. “So what’s good with you and Terryl?” she asked as I peed, and she applied more lipstick in the mirror. “Nothing,” I responded. “Shit, you a lie all that whispering in your ear he doing and all the cheesing you doing.” she said. “Shit, how would you know you all into Delray?” I said back rolled my eyes behind the stall door. “That’s my baby. And Terryl is a good guy.” I stopped her before she could say anything else. “I just want to focus on getting me together before bringing a man in.” I told her. “Shit, he might help you focus I mean look at this place he is doing damn good for himself.” she said to me as I flushed the toilet and got myself together before stepping out the stall. “Mmhm,” I told her.

I washed my hands, and we headed out. We got back to the table, and Terryl was sitting there by himself. “Stone walked Toy to her car’ because she was ready to go,” he said when we approached. Erica “responded, “okay,” before taking a sip of her drink as the beat to nobody have to know by Kranium stopped to play, and she swayed her hips. “Let’s dance,” Terryl said to me, almost making me choke on the damn drink I had just taken a sip of. He grabbed my hand and led me back to the dance floor. I slowed, swayed my hips to the beat before turning around and planted this ass right on his lap, and went to work.

To my surprise, when I looked to the left of me, Erica had joined me on the dance floor, and she was dancing with some dread head nigga. And just like her big sis, she was letting her Caribbean heritage show. I smiled and went back to focusing on Terryl. As I looked back at him, I watched the way my ass and hips were moving.

For just a moment, everything seemed perfect until Delray popped up and grabbed Erica by her weave. “I know you must have lost your goddamn mind. Take your damn hands off my sister.” I scream out. “Mind your business.” Delray said, looking at me with fire in his eyes. “Delray not in here.” Terry said. “Not in here? How about not ever?” I said. “Moe, it’s okay,” Erica said in a sad tone. “Yo, take this shit off the dance floor people are looking.” Terry said. I looked him up and down because he was more concerned about his club than my sister.

Delray pushed Erica towards the table, and I was on their heels following behind. “Get ya shit.” Delray said. “Bae it was just a dance please calm down.” Erica said, almost crying. “Get your shit,” he said louder, now yocking her up by her dress. I grabbed one bottle off the table and broke it. “Nigga, I will fuck your shit up in here if you put your hands on my sister again.” I said. “Moe chill.” Teryl. “Moe don’t,” Erica said, putting her hand up. “Bitch, mind ya business.” Delray said. “I got your bitch” I said, charging towards Delray until Terryl picked me up off my feet and took the bottle from me, and carried me out the club, kicking and screaming.

We got outside, and he put me down. “You got to chill,” he said to me. “Fuck that, that’s my sister. Go get her or Im going back in there to get her and im a fuck up all this shit.” I said to him. “Monica!” Terry yelled. “What!” I yelled. “You got to relax,” he said. “Go get my sister.” I told him, looking him in the eyes. “So you going to go back to jail all over some shit that could have been handled differently?” he asked. “I will go to jail over protecting my sister proudly. Now go get her.” I said to him. But before Terryl could move, the club door opened and Erica and Delray came out with Delray still holding on to her.

“Didn’t I tell you to get your hands off my damn sister?” I said, walking towards them, and Terryl put out his arm to stop me. “Mind your business, Monica.” Delray said with his back to me. I pushed Terryl and went after them. “Erica, tell this nigga to let you go and let's go.” I said to her as they approach Delrays car. “Get in,” Delray said as he walked to the driver side. Erica opened the passenger door, and I closed it. “Erica!” I said, finally getting her to look me in the eye. “Moe, I’m okay, please move.” she said. “No, hell no Im not allowing this.” I told her. “Get the fuck off my car.” Delray said. “Fuck you, let me make something clear over her I will…” Erica stopped me. “Moe… Moe… Stop please I got this… Stay in your place.” Erica said to me. “Im in my place im protecting you from this weak ass bitch ass nigga.” I told her. “I don’t need you to protect me I am a grown as woman I got this.” she said to me as she looked me straight in the eye. I looked over at Delray, and he smirked at me. “Now please move.” she said, opening the door again.

Erica got into the car, and so did Delray, and I stood there and watched them pull off. I wasn’t sure what the fuck was going on, but none of this was what I planned to come home to.

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